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1 The Seven Deadly Sins
「七つの大罪, Nanatsu no Taizai
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The third princess of the Kingdom of Liones, Elizabeth, finds Meliodas, who is the owner of the Boar Hat bar and is also one of the Seven Deadly Sins. With her identity exposed, she is pursued by Twigo whom Meliodas quickly defeats. The princess joins him on his journey to find the other Deadly Sins in order to defeat the Holy Knights, who have orchestrated a coup d'état and have overthrown the king.
2 Sword of The Holy Knight
「聖騎士の剣, Seikishi no Ken
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Gilthunder, thus preventing the village from making the Bernia ale, which was their prime source of income. After innumerable unsuccessful attempts of the villagers to remove the sword with which the source was blocked, Meliodas easily removes the object. A celebration is held at the Boar Hat, and Meliodas was hailed as a savior by Bernia's villagers. Gilthunder, wanting to confirm whether the removal of his sword was an accident, threw a spear imbued with his power toward the town. Meliodas, however, easily stops and throws the spear back, destroying Fort Solgales.
3 The Sin of the Sleeping Forest
「眠れる森の罪, Nemureru Mori no Tsumi
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Meliodas, Hawk and Elizabeth travel to the Forest of White Dreams that even Holy Knights avoid. There, the Prankster Imps that inhabit the Forest of White Dreams attempt to confuse them by impersonating Hawk and Elizabeth in order to lead them away. After defeating them, they follow them and find the Serpent's Sin of Envy, Diane sleeping in the forest. Gilthunder suddenly arrives and binds all of them with his lightning magic. Meliodas battles Gilthunder, purposely allows the Holy Knight to slash him, and under the pretense of dying due to the grave wound, acquires information about the whereabouts of two members of the Seven Deadly Sins, King and Ban, as his apparent last wish.
4 A Young Girl's Dream
「少女の夢, Shōjo no Yume
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Having discovered the whereabouts of Ban and King, Diane throws Gilthunder out of the forest, and Meliodas, Hawk and Elizabeth, now joined by Diane, head toward the Baste Dungeon, where Ban is imprisoned. They later arrive at Dalmary Town where Meliodas is treated by Dana. Diane and Elizabeth begin to argue and discuss about the aspects in which they envy each other. They are suddenly attacked by the Holy Knight Friesia, who tries to destroy the entire town along with the Deadly Sins, but Diane quickly destroys all of her insects. Concurrently, Ban escapes from his cell in the Baste Dungeon, and is stopped by Jericho, who tries to subdue him. Dana unexpectedly reveals that the medicine Meliodas drank was a deadly poison as Golgius appears out of the blue.
5 Even If You Were To Die
「たとえあなたが死んでも, Tatoe Anata ga Shindemo
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6 Ballad of the Beginning
「はじまりの詩, Hajimari no Uta
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