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Acid腐蝕アシッドAshiddo」 is the power of the Great Holy Knight, Hendrickson.[1]


Acid is a corrosive power that eats away at the enemies flesh. Should it comes into contact with matter or living organisms, it causes corrosion and deterioration. If an enemy is wounded by the power, they experience a lethal side effect that causes their body to rot.[2]

The power is ineffective against members of the Demon Clan.[3]


  • Acid Down万物の腐壊アシッド・ダウンAshiddo Daun; literally meaning "Rotting of All Creation"」: Hendrickson sprays a wave of acid over a designated area.[4] Anything caught in the attack's range corrodes and disintegrates.[5]
  • Acid Tower腐蝕の塔アシッドタワーAshiddo Tawā; literally meaning "Corrosion Tower"」: Hendrickson throws down a column of acid on his opponent.[6]



  • When Hendrickson was a child, he was assigned to watch over corpses so they wouldn't be possessed by evil spirits until they decayed completely into skeletons. Spurned on by this, he developed his Acid ability to significantly quicken the process. Despite his best intentions however, he was ostracized by his people for developing such a technique.


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