The Albion arc is the ninth arc in the series, starting from the 108th chapter and ended on the 121st.


Fights and EventsEdit


Story ImpactEdit

  • Fraudrin tricked Hendrickson into unleashing the rest of the Ten Commandments along with two Albions.
  • Howzer returns to fight the demons.
  • Gilthunder, Howzer, and Griamore leave Liones to go on a journey.
  • Diane starts to get her memories back.
  • Diane fights Gowther after finding out he altered Guila's memories. He starts feeling regrets and turns into a doll. Merlin reveals she knew Gowther was a doll before hand.
  • Meliodas, Diane, Elizabeth, Hawk, Merlin, Arthur Pendragon, and Slader travel to Kingdom of Camelot to defeat the Albion.
  • Merlin, who bought Lostvayne some time after Meliodas sold it, gives it back to him to fight the Albion.
  • It is revealed that Ban has been giving blood to the Fairy Forest and the Fairies consider him the new Fairy king.
  • After a fight with Gerheade, she intents to keep Ban feeding his blood to the Fairy Forest permanently.
  • While the second Albion is destroying the forest, King fights it in the name of the Fairy King.
  • Galand comes charging in Camelot and wipes it out. Merlin is petrified, and the others but Elizabeth, Arthur, and Hawk are defeated. Gowther gives Galand a false memory of him killing his victims.
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