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Anghalhad「アングハルハッド」 is a girl Percival meets at Sistana.


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Anghalhad first appearance
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Anghalhad current appearance

Anghalhad is a young girl with long, fluffed pale cyan hair and turquoise eyes. She wears a white frilly dress with a magenta blouse along with socks and heels. She carries a dotted umbrella which hides a rapier in the center.

During the fight against Ironside, Anghalhad had her hair cut.


Anghalhad is very distrustful of those around her, regardless whether their strangers or not due to her ability that allows her to see whether a person is honest or not. She has shown ambition to stand up for herself, desiring to become a Holy Knight herself as to avoid having others take care of problems for her; but also detests being thought of as weak due to her gender as she showed visible anger when she believed Nasiens restraint was due to her being a girl.

She is willing to attack and threaten strangers when she thought Percival's group was working with Ironside to get the final piece of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness, as to prevent it from falling into his hands, showing her actions are driven by the belief she was serving the greater good.


Sistana arc

Anghalhad is first shown having an encounter with his father and Ironside about a piece of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness. She can only think how Ironside does nothing but lie and that in no way would she want to know his son as he offers, forcing herself to act submissively when her father reproaches her for not paying attention. She later appears in front of Percival's group after they find the piece of the Coffin. She warns them to leave it and to kill them if they intend to give it to "that man".

Although Donny tries to explain that they happened to find it, Anghalhad pulls out his rapier and attacks him, managing to dodge and knock him down quickly. Nasiens says that they have no intention of fighting, but she faces him anyway, managing to overcome him in an exchange of swords. She then demands that Percival give her the piece and to her surprise, the boy kindly gives it to her. By observing the three of them, Anghalhad discovers that Nasiens and Donny have hidden intentions, but Percival is completely sincere. Sin tries to ask what Holy Knight she was referring to, leaving her flabbergasted that a fox can speak.

A maid appears telling Anghalhad that she must return for the dance that is about to begin. Anghalhad rushes to return the Coffin's piece to Percival demanding that he hide it and not let anyone see it, especially Ironside. She then leaves with her maid.

Anghalhad later has an argument with her father insisting that her power lets her know that Ironside is a liar and that she is not a girl but a future Holy Knight. His father slaps her and orders her to stay in her room. However, she bursts into Ironside's speech warning the people of his lies. Ironside attacks her saying that he must discipline her despite her father's cons. Percival then appears and distracts Ironside with his mini-golems to take Anghalhad away, managing to escape Ironside's magical attack. Upon reuniting with the others, they discover that the Coffin's piece was stolen by Ironside's familiar. Upon hearing that the entire town will die if he completes the Coffin ritual, Anghalhad decides to join the group to stop him.

After Percival failed to destroy the Coffin with his mini golems, Ironside attacks everyone with his magical power demanding that he speak to his father like this. Anghalhad stops his thrust by reproaching him for wanting to hurt his own son, to which Ironside replies that she is just a girl pretending to be a Holy Knight. The two exchange swords with Anghalhad finishing with the ruined clothes and Ironside with a scratch because of the dissiness courtesy of the henbane that Nasiens enchanted in Anghalhad's rapier.

Ironside unleashes his Belfest Margot, seriously wounding everyone. Anghalhad is protected by her father, who is recovering from his injuries thanks to Percival's mini golems. Ironside, however, captures Percival. After repelling Anghalhad, Ironside smashes Percival to the ground as he tries to damage the Coffin and plunges his sword into his hand. Ironside begins to beat up Percival and when Anghalhad tries to stop him, he totally intimidates her by warning her to break more than her sword. Ironside finally decides to kill Percival by driving his sword into his heart. Anghalhad tries to give Nasiens's medicine to him by kissing.

Ironside then intends to continue with the Coffin's ritual, when a breeze of magic leaves Percival's body. Anghalhad then confronts him again, with Ironside taking advantage of her and warning him to kill her, though Anghalhad refuses to abandon Percival. Percival's magic multiplies more and more, leading Ironside to use his Ragna Claw. However, a revived Percival saves everyone with his magical power, which is revealed to be the power of Hope.

Seeing the ritual ruined, Ironside shows regret for everything he has done telling Percival that he wants to see his face before being executed for failing in his mission. However, Anghalhad's power shows her that he is lying and all he wants is to finish off Percival. Ironside launches his attacks at him, forcing Percival to fly all over the place to evade them. In that, Donny uses his telekinetic powers to levitate the Coffin away from Ironside, allowing Percival to re-divide it and also cut Ironside's helmet revealing his face. Ironside claims they haven't stopped him as he just has to kill them and reassemble the Coffin and gather more sacrifices from Britannia. However, another Holy Knight, Mortlach, appears stopping him from continuing the fight and reminds him that whoever destroyed the monsters he summoned must be someone as strong as the Seven Deadly Sins, so in the face of such a threat, it is best for them to retreat.

As everyone twists after the hard battle, Anghalhad reproaches Donny for escaping and tells him that they would all be dead if it were not for Percival.

The next day, Anghalhad appears to her father and Percival's group with a new look, saying that after seeing during the fight with Ironside how little experience she was, she decided to go on a trip to become a fine Holy Knight like her mother. Her father says that he can not let her go alone, so Percival happily invites her to join the group.

Cant arc


While not physically strong, Anghalhad has shown advanced speed and agility as she was able to rush Donny and trip him from underneath and also being able to force Nasiens to the ground with a series of very fast thrust attacks, rendering them unable to counterattack in time.


Anghalhad possesses a hidden rapier that she has disguised as an umbrella, using it in coordination with her quickness, able to swing it around easily and thrust with it very quickly.


Anghalhad possess an ability that allows her to see through lies and can tell whether a person's intentions are pure or not. Her late mother claimed this power was a "gift from God".



Sylvan is a short-legged horse that Anne dubs as her best friend since childhood.



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