Anna「アンナ」 is Dreyfus's wife and Griamore's mother.


Anna has a slender figure, with long straight black hair and wears a blue dress with separate sleeves and brown long skirt.


Not much is known about Anna as she died before the series started.


Anna lived in the Kingdom of Liones together with her family, taking care of Griamore and doing the cooking in their household after marrying Dreyfus.

She died unexpectedly during a formal tea party, along with the queen and her sister-in-law, after being attacked by monsters.[1]


Kingdom Infiltration arc

During the confrontation between Dreyfus and Gowther, Anna appears in Dreyfus' nightmare after he is attacked by Gowther's Nightmare Teller. Gowther uses his memories of her to torment him, using her voice to say the words "I am stronger" which reminds him of his betrayal towards Zaratras.



Not much is known between the two, but it was stated that Anna and Dreyfus were both in love and married each other for that same reason. When Anna died, Dreyfus was deeply sadden, but continued to be a knight.


Not much is known between the two, but Anna appears to love her son very much as any mother would.


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