Annie「アニー」[1] is a village girl who helps Derieri and Monspeet.


Annie is a pretty young woman who has brown hair with 2 braids. She also has brown eyes. She also wears a dress with a yellow cloth around her shoulders and neck.


Annie is a kind woman who a seems to be pretty helpful.


Annie is a farmer who lives in a village on the outskirts of Britannia. One day, Monspeet and Derieri fell from the sky after their confrontation with Meliodas. The two got rid of a bear that caused problems in the village, so the villagers gave them asylum in gratitude.


Prelude to the New Holy War arcEdit

Annie is seen bringing food and drink to Monspeet and Derieri. After correcting Derieri for her posture, she tells her that the clothes she lent to her look great.

New Holy War arcEdit

When the Demon Clan's army march to the battle, the residents of the village prepares to run away. However, Annie decides to go and warn Monspeet and Derieri. When she comes to warn them about the conflict, she suddenly is burned to death by Estarossa. He then takes out the soul of the girl's corpse to eat it, but Monspeet prevent it, switching it for an apple by using his innate magic. Derieri takes care of Annie's soul and releases it.




  • Annie's name was not given in the manga. It was revealed in the anime.



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