Arbusアーバス Ābasu」 is a priest who joined the Great Fight Festival for unknown purposes.



Little is known about his personality but it is shown about Arbus crying at everything he sees when he killed an Earth Crawler and cried at its response of dying by his hand.


Great Fight Festival arcEdit

After accepting the invitation to the Great Fight Festival in Vaizel, Arbus entered the labyrinth where he later defeated a large number of Earth Crawlers and begins to cry praying to the goddesses.

Arbus manages to reach the end of the labyrinth where Drole and Gloxinia recieves all the participants. When the tag teams are formed, Arbus is paired with Estaro and both are set to fight against Hendrickson and Griamore.

Arbus is taken as hostage by Drole along with everyone besides Meliodas, and later teleported to Liones by Gilfrost.

Prelude to the New Holy War arcEdit

Arbus possessed by Tarmiel

Arbus under Tarmiel's possession

Arbus reappears, with his body under possession of Tarmiel, one of the Four Archangels, to help the Holy Knights fight against the demons.[1]

It is revealed by Tarmiel, that a few days after the Great Fight Festival, Arbus died fighting a lesser demon. At that moment, the Archangel manifested himself through his staff and asked Arbus' soul to allow him to use his body to fight the demons to which Arbus agreed.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Arbus' equipment consists of a staff that he is always carrying with him. A member of the Four Archangels of the Goddess Clan, Tarmiel, rests inside.





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