Ark聖櫃アーク Āku; literally meaning "Holy Chest"」 is a magical power exclusive to the members of the Goddess Clan, as they possess a deep connection to Light.


Ark is a magic power that uses light particles[5], which is utilized by the Goddess Clan. It can be used in different ways such as forming energy beams, explosions, energy blades, barriers, myriads etc.[6] Highest-ranked goddesses such as the Four Archangels can use Ark on a massive scale.[7]

The target often is enveloped in a dazzling sphere of light that breaks apart their body. It is mostly used to counteracts darkness by disintegrating it, though it also can cause physical damage. It is highly effective against the Demon Clan due to their power of darkness, more neutral yet strong to the other races while being least effective on other goddesses.

As descendants of the Goddess Clan, the Celestials can use Ark as well, but at a less powerful level.[8]


Tarmiel and Sariel

  • Omega Ark極大聖櫃オメガアーク Omega Āku」: By pointing their arms forward, both Tarmiel and Sariel create several gigantic Arks which can destroy multiple targets at once.[9]
  • Shunenbukaki Seijin執念深しゅうねんぶか聖人せいじん Shūnenbukaki Seijin; literally meaning Spiteful Saint」: By doing a series of hand movements, Sariel and Tarmiel can create a large meteor shower of orbs to hit enemies with a barrage of attacks.[10]

Elizabeth Liones

  • Invigorateすこやかなれ Sukoyakanare」: By channelling her godly power, Elizabeth raises her arm and rapidly heals a target(s), counteracting negative effects such as strong corrosive substances or recover health and stamina, either for severe or minor damages. If not controlled enough, this healing power has the opposite effect on demons, hurting them and repelling their power. Her powers presumably render her immune to the effects of any poison, being completely unaffected by the Poison Snake Whip of the Assassin Knights of Malachia or Melascula's Deadly Poison. She initially lacked the ability to heal herself due to her empathy for others, but with the return of her memories, demonstrates the power to regenerate a cut inflicted by Chandler's Enkonjin and even a deep head wound from a Split Ball. After recovering her memories, she was able to counteract the effects of Melascula's poisonous acid instantaneously which even outspeed Ban's regenerative powers granted by the Fountain of Youth [11], Her healing abilities are able to restore King, Diane and Ban completely within seconds after being brutally wounded by Chandler and later allows her to restore the vitality of Escanor after being weakened by Meliodas' demonic miasma, as well as cure all the injuries, including broken bones and ripped open wounds, of a large number of people, even unbeknownst to them.
  • Jonah no Junan「ヨナの受難じゅなん Yona no Junan; literally meaning "Passion of Jonah"」: Elizabeth creates a giant basking shark with whale features made out of Ark to nullify Purgatory Flames or attack others through physical power​.​[12] The name of this technique refers to the biblical figure of Jonah, who was swallowed by a big fish.
  • Manipulateそう 」 & Burstれつ Retsu」: Elizabeth wraps the opponent in her Ark and shakes them across the battlefield to then detonate them in a big explosion.[13]
  • Enchant: Ark付呪エンチャント聖櫃アーク Enchanto - Āku」: Elizabeth infuses Ark into a weapon.[14]

Combined Techniques

  • Combined Technique: Triple Prison「合技 三層牢獄トリプルプリズン Gōgi "Toripuru Purizun"; literally meaning "Three-layer Prison"」: King combines Chastiefol's Pollen Garden with Merlin's Perfect Cube and Elizabeth's Ark to imprison the opponent in a three degree containment field. [15]
  • Combined Technique: Kamigui「合技 かみい Gōgi "Kamigui"; literally meaning "God Eater"」: After Elizabeth uses Enchant: Ark in Lostvayne, Meliodas uses Kami Chigiri unleashing an Ark burst on the opponent.[16]


  • Kyusai no Ya救済きゅうさい Kyūsai no Ya; literally meaning "Arrow of Salvation"」: Mael fires a concentrated beam of Ark that pierces his opponents. It brings salvation through death on a demon, but makes others feel great pain when used on anyone who isn't a demon.[17]
  • Killing Saucer「キリング・ソーサー Kiringu Sōsā」: Mael creates Ark blades in his hand that rotate at high speed which he uses to slice his enemies.[18]
  • Invigorate「健やかなれ Sukoyakanare」: Upon rescuing Escanor from the Indura, Mael uses Ark to restores him, Howzer, Griamore, and Gilthunder in perfect condition with a single touch.[19]


  • Invigorate「健やかなれ Sukoyakanare」: After being in a drunken state, Ludociel uses Ark as a form of healing to return himself to his normal state of mind, or to heal others.[20][21]
  • Sanctuary聖域サンクチュアリ Sankuchuari」: Using Ark, Ludociel creates a crystal-like octahedron used as a barrier to protect him and others from demonic energy.[22]
  • Gold Shining黄金の輝きゴールド・シャイニング Gōrudo Shainingu」: Used in conjunction with his Grace, Ludociel obliterates the opponent with a star-shaped light blast.[23]
  • Ruby Shine輝閃ルビー・シャイン Rubī Shain; literally meaning "Shining Flash"」: Ludociel generates a blinding light to obstruct his opponents field of vision.[24]
  • Lightning Spree乱閃光ライトニング・スプリー Raitoningu Supurī; literally meaning "Wild Flash"」: Ludociel creates multiple Goddess Clan symbols that shoots beams of light at his enemy.[25]
  • Sparking Drive狂える雷光スパーキング・ドライブ Supākingu Doraibu; literally meaning "Mad Lightning"」:[26]: Ludociel creates a large Goddess Clan symbol and releases a burst of flames at his enemy.[27]


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