Arthur Pendragon vs. Hendrickson is a battle fought between Arthur Pendragon, king of Camelot and Great Holy Knight Hendrickson.


Arthur and his mysterious cloaked friend, travel all the way to Liones to meet with King Liones in person, while bringing a army of Camelot Holy Knights. Once the Great Holy Knights sense Arthur present and his army, Hendrickson meet with Camelot's king to find out that the army was fake that the cloaked person made to bring the Holy Knights to Arthur. After Hendrickson try to make Arthur to leave the area, Arthur refuse and said that he would help them with any problem. Hendrickson took Arthur and his cloaked friend into Liones, only to attack him after suspecting that there's another reason why Arthur would come to Liones in the first place


The clash between the king of Camelot and the Great Holy Knight in form of huge explosions round buildings was seen by the three Sins. As Hendrickson sent Arthur to the next building, he found himself slash on the cheek without noticing and Arthur was revealed to be undamaged while blocking Hendrickson attack and manage to land a strike. Hendrickson realized that Arthur's reputation wasn't for show as the young king of Camelot readies his weapon for battle while commenting of the Great Holy Knight's power. The other two Holy Knights wished to support Hendrickson only for their superior to calmly tell them that their opponent is behind them as Arthur's cloaked friends floats above the two, ready to fight them. Arthur and Hendrickson battle went on to the center of Liones as people leave the area in fear of the two powerful knights clashing.

Arthur told Hendrickson to finish their fight, while Hendrickson wonder at the young man's strengths and powers, but Arthur went toward Hendrickson and start attacking him with multiplied sword slashes while Hendrickson block all of them. Arthur told Hendrickson to stop holding back, while the latter ask Arthur to do the same, and show him the power that made Arthur the new king. Hendrickson sent Arthur crashing to a wall of a building and summon Hellblaze to kill Arthur, while Arthur was fair and wonder about Hellblaze ability. As Hendrickson used Hellblaze Scream, it was counter by Meliodas who appear in the scene between them.


Meliodas joins the battle and Gilthunder followed suit.



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