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Torah, Estaro and Jigumo, three members of the Assassin Knights of Malachia

The Assassin Knights of Malachia「マラキアの暗殺騎士団, Marakia no Ansatsu Kishi-dan」is an independent order of knights that hails from the Kingdom of Malachia and specializes in an array of deadly and lethal assassination methods.


Nothing has been revealed about the history of the group yet but these Assassin Knights wore the attire of a court jester or a clown with white masks. They are torturers whose expertise is in killing people, making it dangerous to underestimate them. They use poisons in their weapons for the kill.


Great Fight Festival arc

Upon accepting the invitation of participating the Great Fight Festival perpetuated by the two members of the Ten Commandments at Vaizel, three elite members of the Assassin Knights entered the Labyrinth where they encountered an Earth Crawler within the depths of the maze they explored and managed to kill the humungous formidable creature with powerful poisons from the tips of their weapons that slowly suffered and died from its effects before continuing on the path for their wish to be fulfilled.

After managing to reach their main destination and exiting the deadly maze, the Assassin Knights met up with new contestants and some of them are notably Hendrickson, Slader, Griamore and Matrona in front of the pleased hosts of the festivities. Later on, they witnessed the huge gaping hole created by the combined strengths of Meliodas and Ban in a successful attempt to force their way through the walls of the Labyrinth where they met up with their companions along the way.


So far, only three elite members of the order has been revealed, who are capable of defeating an Earth Crawler all by themselves with teamwork and use of poisons in their weapons for extra lethality.

Assassin Knights of Malachia
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