Atollah「アトラ」 is a member of the Demon Clan and part of the Six Knights of Black.


Atollah is a humanoid demon. He has no hair and does not wear any clothes. The left half of his body is completely white, with some cracking lines in the face, torso and arm. The right half is mainly a red blob larger in size than the right side. This red mass covers the left side of his face too. His red mark is shaped like an hourglass, not visible though, as it is covered by the red portion of his body.



3,000 years ago

As a member of the Six Knights of Black, Atollah fought in the ancient Holy War against the Goddess Clan and the other races.

The Six Knights of Black were part of the battle against the four races in the Sky Temple, where an Indura brought destruction. When the victory of the Demon Clan seemed certain, the Great Oshiro appeared and defeated the Indura, allowing the Goddess Clan to seal the Six Knights of Black, the Indura and other Demons within the Egg Rock.


The Seven Deadly Sins: Prisoners of the Sky

After 3,000 years, when the seal of the Egg Rock fall apart, the Six Knights of Black were released from their imprisonment. Atollah begin to use the Celestials's souls killed in the battle as sacrifices in a ritual to release the Indura. Some Celestial soldiers tries to stop him, only to fall victim of his magic, get immobilized and their souls taken. There, King and Gowther attack Atollah with Fight Fire with Fire and Gattling Jack, but Atollah block their attacks with his body and then catches both of them with his magic seals. This however has no effect in Gowther, who use his Nightmare Teller to trap Atollah in an illusion of him taking King and Gowther's souls only to end up being consumed by them. After realizing the illusion, Gowther reveals that his doll body doesn't have nerves to manipulate. King then uses Chastiefol Form Three: Fossilization to petrifies Atollah, allowing Gowther to shatter his body with a kick, releasing all the captive souls.

His soul along with his companions's is later sacrificed to the Indura by Bellion.

Abilities and Equipment

As a member of the Six Knights of Black, Atollah is stronger than an average Demon. He demonstrates to be able to use the red part of his body to protect, transport himself and even trap others with pieces of it. He also use a series of black seals to control his opponents's nerves and manipulate their movements against their will.



Prisoners of the Sky

  • King & Gowther vs. Atollah: Lose



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