Ban vs. Gerheade is a battle between Ban of the Seven Deadly Sins and the fairy Gerheade.


While an Albion is attacking the Fairy King's Forest, unbeknownst to Ban and Gerheade, they are discussing about who the is the rightful king of fairies.


Gerheade, who refuses to accept Ban as the Fairy King, begins to attack him non-stop with vines. Ban, unfazed, avoids all attacks at the same time that he cuts the vines with kicks. Then, Ban tells her that it is not interested and that he will leave anyway.

But Gerheade had other plans: forming a single thick vine, and aims it towards Elaine, she intends to destroy her body with no hesitation. Ban quickly intercepts it, getting pierced through the back.

Then, Gerheade binds a comatose-like Ban with vines to hold it in place over Elaine, so that his blood drips directly on the roots of the Sacred Tree.

Gerheade says that now Ban will be with his loved one forever, serving as the new Fountain of Youth.


Not long after, the Albion chops the whole Sacred Tree freeing Ban from his inprisonement.

While King takes care of the enemy, Ban remains by Elaine's side to protect her body.



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