Ban vs. Jericho is a battle fought between the Deadly Sin, Ban and the Holy Knight apprentice, Jericho in the Baste Dungeon.


Due to a discussion of his guards, Ban, discovering his captain, Meliodas, to still be alive, escapes from his prison cell by kicking the door down, his leg leaving an imprint on the door.[1]


Ban using Jericho's attacks to shave

Jericho attacking Ban with multiple extremely quick slashes.

After escaping, Ban is immediately confronted by Jericho, who demands him to return to his cell. Ban, in his response, addresses her as "brat", enraging her, and leading her to instruct the guards to inform Golgius that a criminal had escaped and resisted, giving her no choice but to kill him. She then instantly attacks Ban with a flurry of very quick slashes. However, much to her shock, Ban is completely unscathed, going as far to even utilize her slashes to cut his beard and hair, which had grown during his imprisonment; Ban insults her by complimenting her "skill" as a hairdresser. Jericho expresses her shock at Ban being able to dodge all the attacks despite the wounds he suffered during his imprisonment, to which Ban displays that all of them have already healed. He also shows her a scar on his neck, which, he states, is a real wound.[2]


Ban, trying to find some armor and new clothes, proceeds to disrobe Jericho from hers, her armor having caught his eye. Much to his disappointment, he discovers that it is too small for him to. Jericho, meanwhile, in anger and embarrassment, orders the guards to search for Ban, and also to bring her a new set of clothes and armor.[3]


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