Ban vs. Jericho is a battle fought between Ban of the Seven Deadly Sins and the Holy Knight apprentice, Jericho in Vaizel.


After Guila and Jericho's attack, Meliodas, noting that the two are now much more powerful than before, instructs the other Sins to separate.[1]


As Ban walks while commenting on the attacks' gaudiness, and, upon noticing an attack coming towards him, dodges, but is sent crashing into one of the buildings by Jericho's attack. When Jericho states that she has waited a long time for their battle, Ban expresses his enthusiasm to fight stating that it's "truly" a fight festival after all. He then questions Jericho whether they have met before, and she, in response, declares that she will carve her name into his heart.[2]

Jericho then introduces herself, which reminds Ban of her. He, believing that she is male from their previous encounter, questions whether she cross dresses, and as he kicks her away, declares that he is immortal. Much to his surprise, the wound doesn't heal despite his regeneration abilities. Jericho, stating that the Deadly Sins are no match for the "reactors", attacks Ban, as he dodges due to his regeneration having apparently stopped. Walking towards the collapsed Ban, she states that the reason she pretended to be a man was that she was weak, and wanted to make herself seem a little more powerful. Adding that she no longer has to do that, she kicks him on his chest, which spurts a drop of Ban's blood near her lips. Spreading this blood on her lips, as a substitute for lipstick, she states that Ban has made her into a woman.[3]


Just as Ban is defeated by Jericho, Guila and Meliodas' battle also ends with the former winning. When the Holy Knights' main target, King, then arrives, the Sin of Sloth easily defeats them, since he is the only Sin who still has his Sacred Treasure.[4]


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