Ban vs. Jude is a battle fought by the Deadly Sin Ban and the Holy Knight, Jude.


Ban entering Cenette cell

Ban bending Sennett's cell's bars

After escaping from his cell and defeating Jericho, Ban finds a guard looking lustfully at an imprisoned girl. Taking interest, he slams the guard's head in the bars and bends them, proceeding to enter the cell and take the dagger the girl had hidden, and releasing her to test the dagger's sharpness. Jude abruptly appears and declares that Ban will die, him having fulfilled his role as a bait for Meliodas.[1]


Ban stabbing Jude2

Ban fatally stabbing Jude.

Jude and Ban's battle ends with the Holy Knight stabbing Ban in chest, and repeating that Ban has already fulfilled his role. Ban, explaining that he had let himself be captured five years ago due to wanting the feeling of pain that could make him feel alive, states that he is now sick of Jude's pain, and then removes the stake he had been stabbed with. Stabbing the Holy Knight back, Ban continues to say that since his captain was alive, there was no more any reason for him to continue being in Baste Dungeon. Jude questions then Ban if the Seven Deadly Sins were plotting the overthrowing of the kingdom like they did ten years ago, and warns him that if they were, every single Holy Knight would declare an all-out war against the group, with Ban commenting that he found such a war to be exciting.[2]


Soon after the battle, and after Meliodas and Diane defeat Ruin[3] and Friesia[4], respectively, the both enter the Baste Dungeon and encounter Ban and Sennett, who, frightened by Ban killed Jude, screams for help. Meliodas and Ban greet each other with high-fives and start arm wrestling, which results in the entirety of the dungeon being destroyed, despite Golgius triggering the Eternal Seal spell to trap the Deadly Sins inside.[5]


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