Ban vs. King is a battle fought between Ban of the Seven Deadly Sins and King of the Seven Deadly Sins.


Ellen's brother stabbing Ban

Luigi attacks Ban

After Meliodas tells Ban to help cook food, he runs away. Walking around the village, he encounters a girl named Ellen, who collapses. Ban wanted to help her, but her brother Luigi mistook that he want to take his sister and attacked him.


King pierce Ban

King attacks Ban

While giving them a speech of what a real sin is, he got pierced by King's spear. Ban couldn't recognize that this was King, and asked him who he is, but King said that doesn't matter and it's more important that he is the Sin of Greed and also known as Ban the Undead. After which he drilled his spear through Ban, making a big hole in Ban's chest. Ban grew annoyed when he spoke like he knows him. King then brought up the sin that he committed as the price of his immortality, which angered Ban who warned the kids to get away.

King's spear going through Ban

King's spear going through Ban

King attacking Ban

King attacking

King rushed towards Ban, wanting to pierce him again with the spear, but Ban jumped up and dodged his attack. When Ban was about to punch him, King escaped quickly using his levitation abilities and his spear. King then started multiple attacks with his spear, but Ban was able to dodge them all. Dodging the last spear attack, Ban jumped up and tried to kick King, but his foot went right through him like he was merely projection. Upon landing, he saw King standing in front of him. Ban asked again who was he and prepared to use some sort of special attack, that King recognized. But just before he could activate it, Meliodas came and intervened Ban. Diane and Meliodas immediately recognized King, and hearing that this was King, Ban was quite shocked. Diane was happy to meet him, but King run away without saying a word.


Ban cooking

Ban cooking

Later Ban was seen in Boar Hat preparing food and serving it to Ellen and Luigi. He asked them to tell him, where the Capital of the Dead is, although Meliodas told him that they don't need to go there anymore, since they found King already. Ellen's brother then told them that King wants to go to the Capital of the Dead too.


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