Ban vs. King is a rematch battle fought between Ban of the Seven Deadly Sins and King of the Seven Deadly Sins.


Ban was chasing down what seemed to be the Saint of the Fountain of Youth, a young woman called Elaine, but King manages to keep up with him. Ban calls him an imposter, because he does not look like the King he knew and tells him to get lost all the while running past him. However, King catches up to him and tells him he knows everything about Ban. Ban attempts to counter by striking him but King dodges and Ban realizes that he is truly King and thus he would not feel bad for clobbering him.


Ban tries to punch King but King replaces himself with his pillow and King proceeds to tell him about what happened to him ten years
King capturing Ban with his bear

King traps Ban.

ago when he went back to his hometown, only to find it razed to the ground by a bandit and the fountain of youth stolen while the guardian was killed by said bandit. Ban was confused asking him why was he telling him that but suddenly King's pillow turns into a giant teddy bear which proceeds to grab and immobilize Ban.

Ban demands to know what he wants of him after which King gets closer to him and tells him the person he killed was his sister named Elaine. Ban realizes why he wanted him dead but reminds him he is immortal and nothing can kill him. However King is also aware of but had an idea to deal with him and then the teddy bear was turn to a spear and stab Ban, who all of a sudden gets petrified.


Ban is turning into stone slowly and King asks him if he has any last words causing Ban to smile and say he looks nothing alike (to his older self) and was finally turned to living stone completely, after which King said his goodbye but then a light comes towards Ban. This light is revealed to be Elaine, who break the curse and set Ban free. They later talk and Ban notices the Sins are in danger and decides to go to their aid.


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