Ban vs. Orlondi is a battle fought between Ban of the Seven Deadly Sins and Orlondi, a vampire and royal member of the Vampire Clan.


The Fox's Sin of Greed was first sent in to Edinburgh on a reconnaissance mission by Merlin that he finds it boring but grateful to avoid eating Meliodas' disgusting killer mystery meat pie and encountered the vampiric Edinburgh Holy Knight but easily killed them in one strike.

Meanwhile inside the distorted Edinburgh Castle, Izraf and his vampire royalty members watched Ban's battle and were astonished of his strength, deemed him as a threat with Orlondi volunteering to drink the immortal's blood.


As Orlondi appears in front of Ban claiming his name and affirming that he will kill him, Ban simply asks how he intends to do it. Orlondi then uses his invisible tentacles to pierce Ban's chest and begins to drain Ban of his blood, marveling at its taste. 

Orlondi states that Ban's blood is better than any other, also amazed by the fact that it never runs out. He then declares that he will make use of Ban as his eternal personal blood bag. An angered Ban tries to use his Snatch on Orlondi but is unable to move his arm. He recognizes that Orlondi is not using magic to drain his blood, and Orlondi reveals that his tentacles have a paralyzing poison that gives him the name of The Rose.

Orlondi keeps draining Ban's blood for a while to satisfy his 3,000 years of sealing but becomes too distracted by the pleasure until he notices that Ban is drinking wine and orders him to stop as wine would ruin the blood's taste before realizing that Ban is somehow able to move and demands to know how. Ban reveals that he is immune to poison and tears off Orlondi's tentacles with his hand. Orlondi gets furious and tries to kill Ban, but notices that he can't put any strength on his body due to Ban having used his Snatch to absorb all of his strength while he was drinking his blood, not to mention Orlondi having become massively bloated due to overgorging on blood. Then, Ban proceeds with the fight and pops Orlondi's body with a single punch.


As a result of the drunk state he comes to be after drinking the wine, Ban uses his Physical Hunt to drain all of King and Diane's strength, who have fighting another pair of vampires near there. As Ban laughs observing his companions difficulties, Orlondi's eye, who still remains the vampire's conscience, is founded by Merlin and taken as one of her guinea pigs.



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