Bandits' Hideout was a hideout located in a deep forest on top of a hill. It was unintentionally destroyed by the Seven Deadly Sins while searching for Elizabeth.


When Elizabeth searches ingredients for Boar Hat, she stumbled upon the bandits' hideout and naively believes the bandits can help her obtain the ingredients. The bandits intends to kidnap Elizabeth and sell her but were interrupted by the arrival Hawk whom they believe to be a bandit-hunting Holy Knight at the door. Then Ban entered, obviously slacking off from work much to Hawk's ire. King followed Ban and stabbed him from behind with Chastiefol much to the bandits' shock and finally Diane appeared, furiously stomping the ground causing the hideout to slide off the hill. Gowther arrives on the scene but is too late. Meliodas notices the hideout sliding towards him, drew Liz's Sword and destroyed the hideout easily.

Witnessing and surviving the destruction of their hideout, the bandits began to realize that the group of weird people were actually the Seven Deadly Sins and fled with their lives.



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