Bartra Lionesバルトラ・リオネス Barutora Rionesu」 is the eleventh king of the Kingdom of Liones, and was held captive by the Holy Knights after their coup d'état.[2]


Bartra Liones child
Bartra Liones as a child
King Liones Full Appearance
Full Appearance
Bartra has long white hair and groomed beard. He adorns a typical king's cloak accessorized with fur on the shoulders and hemline. He also wears a pair of armlets and a few rings. In a flashback and in the past, he wore full body armor with a unique helmet which somewhat resembles a Cyclops' eye.

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Bartra is a caring, respectable father who strongly cares for his daughters. He was willing to risk his life and climb a tree, something which he had never done before, in order to rescue his daughter.[3] He is also a peace-loving person, having ordered the Holy Knights to lay down their arms, as an attempt to avoid the predicted and apparently inevitable, Holy War.[4] Like his daughter Elizabeth, he has faith in the Seven Deadly Sins, knighting them and granting them the valuable sacred treasures, despite their identities as wanted criminals. As a father, Bartra does not seem to approve of Meliodas' perverted antics on his daughter, Elizabeth, or Veronica's tomboy attitudes.


Several years agoEdit

During his youth as prince of Liones, Bartra lived in the castle with his brother Denzel and his sister Nadja

After hearing one of her brother's visions about a person in a cavern underneath the castle, Nadja went and explored herself, coming across Gowther who seemed to be waking up from a long sleep. Nadja excitedly told Bartra about Gowther when she returned to the castle. Despite being happy for his sister, Bartra was worried about her due to her heart condition. While Nadja was still visiting Gowther, he brought her to the castle when she fainted. Bartra convinced Gowther to disguise himself as a maid to go unnoticed. Over time, as Nadja and Gowther become closer, Bartra allows Gowther to remain in the castle and to stay with his sister since being with him made her happier than she had ever been. 

When Gowther was accused of forcing Nadja into vile sexual acts that ended with her death, sentencing him to death as the sin of lust, Bartra cries for his sister's death. However, he prevents Denzel for taking revenge on Gowther since he saw Nadja has died with a smile in her face.

16 years agoEdit

Baltra climbing the tree to take down Elizabeth

Climbing a tree to save Elizabeth.

Sixteen years ago, Bartra adopted Elizabeth, who was brought from Danafor to Liones by Meliodas after its destruction. As she knew that she is not his real daughter, Elizabeth often tried to get his attention, specifically by climbing a tree and putting herself into danger. Fearing for her safety, Bartra started climbing the tree to rescue her, even though he had never climbed a tree before. However, he couldn't climb it, fell down and was injured.[3]

Slader meeting Bartra Liones

King Liones saving young Slader from barbarians

At some point of time, Bartra, who was leading a campaign against Barbarians, soon met an injured young boy being chased by savages and saved him after having his archers rain death upon the boy's pursuers. Bartra took him in, taught him everything what is to be human and named him "Slader", earning the young man's devotion and loyalty to King Liones.

On his way to the Kingdom of Camelot to meet with King Uther Pendragon, Bartra saved a little boy from falling off the cliff which was caused intentionally by Kay and had a good conversation with the future king of Camelot before heading off with Slader and Hugo, stating that they will meet again.

After receiving a premonition of his power Vision about seven knights who would be the protectors of the kingdom, Bartra shared this with Meliodas and Zaratras. Merlin then appeared in the castle revealing herself along with Meliodas as two of those seven individuals. Guided by Bartra's vision, Merlin was able to identify the other five members of the Seven Deadly Sins.

After the Seven Deadly Sins were reunited, Bartra named them Holy Knights and gave each one his Sacred Treasure.


Introduction arcEdit

The Kings capture

The king arrested by the Holy Knights.

The king, although capable of realizing that the predicted Holy War was inevitable, ordered the Holy Knights to lay down their swords in an attempt to avoid the war. The Holy Knights, believing the protection of the kingdom to be their duty, and that the Holy War was unavoidable, successfully orchestrated a coup d'etat, captured the king, and took control over the kingdom of Liones in order to prepare for it.[5]

Kingdom Infiltration arcEdit

Elizabeth reuniting with King Liones

King Liones happily reunion with his daughter, Elizabeth

When Vivian brings Elizabeth to the king's guarded room, Bartra expresses joy upon seeing his beloved adopted daughter again. Suddenly, Slader comes to his chambers, demanding an audience with him after killing several Holy Knights who stood in his way. Slader then attempts to force his way into Bartra's chambers, but his attacks are reflected back at him. Vivian reveals that Bartra's chambers is protected by Perfect Cube which does not allow anyone who uses force and that said force rebound back at him. Bartra tells Slader that he should not worry about the king, but Slader continues to force the door open as he is touched by the king's kindness. Vivian later leaves the room to go aid Hendrickson and Gilthunder in their battle against Meliodas, leaving Bartra and Elizabeth alone.

After numerous attempts, Slader finally collapses out on the floor, but he stands up and make yet another valiant attempt. Bartra orders the Dawn Roar bystanders to stop Slader at which they do, but Slader refuses to leave Bartra behind. Bartra assures Slader that he will be fine without him and that Slader should not break the door with brute force as it will only bounce back to him. Bartra asks Elizabeth if she is scared, but Elizabeth responds that she is not as Meliodas will come to save her and her father is with her. Bartra is glad to hear her answer, but responds that they will be separated soon, at which Elizabeth is surprised. Bartra proceeds on to explaining his ability, Vision and informs her that he will be saved by a Crimson Pig, leaving Elizabeth clueless and thinks of Hawk.

Bartra coughing blood

Bartra coughing blood

When the Sins and Dreyfus' group arrive to the Royal Chambers via Merlin's teleportation, Bartra and Elizabeth heard their voices from the door. After Merlin used Absolute Cancel to nullify Vivian's Perfect Cube, the king immediately ordered Dawn Roar to provide medical treatment for Slader immediately. Noticing Meliodas groping his adopted daughter, Bartra expressed disapproval of the Dragon's Sin of Wrath's perverted antics, stating that the latter hasn't even changed one bit at all. Bartra would later witness Dreyfus confess his crime that he and Hendrickson murdered Zaratras and framed the Seven Deadly Sins ten years ago and cry in happiness when he was informed by Elizabeth of Griamore's true status. Bartra told Dawn Roar to take Dreyfus to underground until it was his judgment pass came, however, Bartra later start coughing blood which alarm everyone, even his daughters. Merlin came and decided to take Bartra with her and Arthur back to Camelot to heal him. As the three left Liones, they were unaware of the next situation caused by Hendrickson. 

Later after Hendrickson's death and defeat, Merlin returned with King Bartra, recently recovered thanks to her new hidden technique from the Demon Realm to Liones but Meliodas criticized her for using the king as her magical guinea pig, which the Boar's Sin of Gluttony brushed it off so long as the result was good much to the king's chagrin. When the Holy Knights kneeling down before their king, asking for heavy punishment for their sins for blindly following Hendrickson and his evil plot but Bartra instead tells them to devote their power to the restoration of their kingdom and thanking the Seven Deadly Sins for saving the country.

Post-Kingdom Infiltration arcEdit

At the award ceremony held in honor for the Seven Deadly Sins, Bartra decides to go on with the award bestowing after Ban and King were noticeably absent and everyone gathered were getting impatient but was surprised when Meliodas suddenly called for objection and demanded the Holy Knights who had complaints or talked behind his back to step forward to have a voice in the matter, revealing three of the Pleiades of the Azure Sky: Deathpierce, Dogedo, and Waillo stepping forth.

When Deathpierce politely requested Bartra to challenge the legendary Seven Deadly Sins as proof of their strength, the king reluctantly granted the request much to Elizabeth's protest with Dogedo volunteering to face Meliodas. After the matter has been settled, the king called for the Seven Deadly Sins thanking them for returning peace to Liones and informing them that the omen of the Holy War is getting stronger and is situated in Camelot with his Vision showed him "The new omen shall be upon the kingdom of the south", "A beast with the likeness of a mountain shall awaken", and "Three heroes shall stand up against it", and "Darkness shall bore a great hole in the land".

Defensive Battle for Liones arcEdit

When the Ten Commandments realize an invasion in Liones, Bartra remains inside the castle next to Veronica and Margaret under the protection of Guila and the Pleiades. When Denzel reveals that he has decided to offer his life to save the kingdom using his secret weapon, Bartra calls him a fool.

When the Holy Knights return revealing the advancement of the Commandments and the death of Denzel, Fraudrin and Grayroad manage to infiltrate and stop them from carrying out an evacuation. However, Merlin appears and manages to defeat and capture Grayroad, destroying the entire castle in the process, which greatly affects Bartra. While the battle continues, Bartra is protected along with everyone in the castle by Merlin's Perfect Cube.

At the end of the battle, Bartra is engaged in burying and watching the four holy knights who died during the invasion, including Denzel, Marmas, Dogedo and Gustaf. Bartra intervenes when Deldry rages with Hendrickson and Dreyfus, claiming that they must respect the souls of the deceased and stay together to overcome the threat of the demons.

The next day, Bartra leads a meeting with all the remaining Holy Knights, declaring that although the Seven Deadly Sins frustrated the invasion of the Ten Commandments, a new captain of the Holy Knights should be appointed to face their still existing threat. When this is revealed to be Howzer, he denies be the indicated. Bartra affirms that his actions during the battle inspiring and giving everything for his companions give him the qualities of a Great Holy Knight, but that it will be a substitute given his young age.

Corand arcEdit

When the Seven Deadly Sins seek to meet, Bartra shares his vision that the seven will be together on the roof of the castle under a full moon.

Once the seven meet, Bartra tries to give them a few words, only to be ignored. When Diane tells Gowther about regaining his lost heart, Bartra gets noticed by the group and reveals to Gowther the magic heart that he left in the dungeons of the castle years ago. However, the heart awakens memories in Gowther that make him flee from the scene. Before the others came looking for him, Merlin asks Bartra to allow her to examine the magical heart.

Prelude to the New Holy War arcEdit

At night, Bartra is awakened by a call from the knights. The king asks if it is another assault of the Demon Clan, but the knights inform him that all citizens and Holy Knights who had been kidnapped reappeared in the kingdom free of the effect of the Commandment.

The king and the others organize a great welcome to Elizabeth and the Seven Deadly Sins. Bartra thanks them personally for rescuing the hostages, praising their actions although Elizabeth regrets that they could not release Camelot. When asking about the missing members, Merlin explains that Gowther was recovering and that Ban and Meliodas were absent for their own reasons. There, Bartra is surprised to see the symbols of the goddesses in Elizabeth's eyes.

Suddenly, Gilthunder also arrives accompanied by Dreyfus, Hendrickson and three individuals including Margaret. Bartra asks Margaret if the people who accompany her are her servants, but Elizabeth intervenes revealing that Margaret was being possessed by someone else, teaching herself in a conversation with this individual that confuses Bartra. The three then reveal themselves as Ludociel, Sariel and Tarmiel of the Four Archangels. Remembering what happened with Denzel, Bartra demands Ludociel to release his daughter, but he tells him that Margaret voluntarily offered her body. Hendrickson tries to convince Bartra that Margaret will be fine, but Dreyfus hits him and takes him away from the situation. Bartra observes how Ludociel and Elizabeth decide to form an alliance between the kingdom and the Goddess Clan.

Bartra has a moment alone with Elizabeth remembering the day she awoke her powers for the first time to save him when he fell from the tree she climbed. Bartra says that seeing her with new haircut makes him return to the past, leading Elizabeth to remember that she used to cover her eye with her hair when she saw that this was different from the rest of the family, wanting to deny that she was not his daughter of blood. Bartra cries expressing her pain at the knowledge of the curse on her and Meliodas, asking why they should suffer just for wanting to be with the person they love. Elizabeth states that she will not allow Margaret to be dragged to the same destination and Bartra asks her to save her and return safely to him. Elizabeth asks him to treat her as a father treats a daughter in the remaining two days.


Nothing is known about his abilities or equipment as of yet. In the flashback and the past, Bartra wore full body armor with a unique helmet appearing as the bull's horn and Cyclops' eye and wields a sword. He also has a huge armored warhorse. With a power level of 530, he is far more powerful than an average Holy Knight, at 300.


Main article: Vision
  • Vision千里眼 (ビジョン)  Senrigan (Bijon)」: A power that allows Bartra to see into the future - through the usage of the power, he was able to learn that the Holy War was avoidable. In the past he also expected that Elizabeth would become his daughter and the creation of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Power LevelEdit

Total Magic Strength Spirit
530 120 230 180



Elizabeth LionesEdit

Considering how he risked his life to save his daughter from a tree without hesitation, and how his daughter cares about him[3], it can be assumed that they share a strong father-daughter relationship. It was then proved that Bartra indeed loved Elizabeth and embrace her when he found out she was alive and happy to hold her again.

Veronica LionesEdit

Bartra frequently scolds Veronica whenever she acts like a tomboy and for playing swords with the boys.

Margaret LionesEdit

As a father, Bartra deeply loves Margaret as much as he does towards Veronica and Elizabeth.

Denzel Liones Edit

Denzel is Bartra's younger brother. They care deeply for each other and he was saddened to hear Denzel was killed.

Holy KnightEdit


When Bartra first met Slader as a child, Bartra gladly took Slader under his wing and took him back to Liones to become a Holy Knight due to Slader's great power in spite of his young age. Bartra cares greatly for Slader, viewing him as a dear friend of his.

Seven Deadly SinsEdit


Not much is known about their relationships, but Bartra appears to trust him like the other Deadly Sins despite their crimes. He personally assigned Meliodas to guard Elizabeth. However, Bartra is obviously bothered and concerned whenever Meliodas sexually harassed his daughter, Elizabeth. Even trying to split the two up when they hugged and scolded Meliodas for using her as his waitress.


The reason Gowther wears girly clothes and acts girly is because of Bartra. Bartra made Gowther wear dresses to disguise him as a maid in order to be by Princess Nadja's side. He did not believe Gowther raped his sister to death because she died with a smile on her face.


  • According to the second databook(s):
    • Special ability: Dancing
    • Hobbies: Deer hunting
    • Weak Point: His three daughters
    • Dream/Hope: Restoration of the kingdom
    • Regrets: That he let Hendrickson and Dreyfus go to Danafor
    • The most embarrassing thing in his life: Shitting his pants after seeing Escanor
    • What he wants the most right now: Peace


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