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Baruja「バルージャ」 is a member of the Demon Clan and a old war buddy of Galand during the Holy War.[2][3] He later became the Indura of Retribution「業報のインデュラ, Gōhō no Indura」.


Baruja original appearance design.png
Artwork of Baruja's original appearance

Baruja appears to be extremely large ankylosaurus-like creature that possess an purple body with six stumpy legs, his back is covered in spikes and has a long tail that ends in a spiked sphere. Baruja has big mouth and six eyes.

Baruja's appearance prior to becoming an Indura, looked like a humanoid beast with light blue skin, pinkish-purple eyes, a white beard and a row of three horns on the top of his head. Baruja had a Demon mark on the face, between the eyes. He shrouded himself in darkness, fashioned as a mantle and loincloth.


Having becoming an Indura, Baruja lost his ability to reason. He is moved only by instincts and rage, searching only for destruction.

Baruja before becoming an Indura had a desire for strong souls to fight and decided to attack a nearby village when he had no one else to fight before turning his attention to Merlin and Escanor.[4]


3,000 years ago

During the Holy War, he fought alongside Galand in some battles.[5]

Baruja sacrificed six of his seven hearts, becoming the Indura of Retribution. Although he acquired a terrible power, he lost all his ability to reason. Following becoming an Indura, Baruja roamed the Demon Realm.[6]

During a battle in the Sky Temple, Baruja brought misfortune to the five races who could not cope with his power. However, all were saved by the Great Oshiro who allowed the Goddess Clan to seal Baruja in the Egg Rock along with the Six Knights of Black and several other demons. The Winged Sword, the weapon bestowed to seal the Demons, was passed on the Celestials, who keep it until the arrival of the Time of Ruin come, when the seal would break releasing Baruja and the other demons.[7]


Prisoners of the Sky

After 3,000 years, when the seal of the Egg Rock fell apart, the Six Knights of Black were released from their imprisonment and started the ritual to release the Indura by offering the Celestials's souls. The ritual was disrupted by the Seven Deadly Sins, forcing Bellion to sacrifice his companions's souls and finally free Baruja from the seal.

Released, Baruja starts his rampage over the Sky Temple once more. The Seven Deadly Sins tries to stop his feet, while Solaad use the Winged Sword and his Ark to seal Baruja again. However, Bellion gives his soul to Baruja as well, giving him enough power to avoid being sealed. After reaching the plaza of the Sky Temple, Hawk Mama appears to confront Baruja. Baruja attacks with a powerful energy blast, but Hawk Mama absorbs it and attacks with a white light that leaves Baruja very wounded. Then, Solaad resummons the power of Ark by uniting the entire Celestial Clan and Elizabeth as well, giving the Winged Sword enough power to seal Baruja. The Seven Deadly Sins combines their techniques in a single and powerful attack that destroys Baruja once and for all.

Grand Cross

During an experiment conducted by Merlin to stabilize the realities, she accidentally causes another rift to open, resulting in Baruja being sent from the past before he became a Indura to present day Britannia. Before he could learned about the present, Baruja is defeated and sent back to his original time by Merlin and Escanor.[8]

Cursed by Light

Baruja is unleashed by the Demon Clan when they are attacked by Dahlia and Dubs, however he is immediately dispatched by Dahlia with ease.

Abilities and Equipment

Baruja was a demon that possessed seven hearts and a power level of at least 50,000, marking him as one of the strongest demons, at the level of the Ten Commandments. Having invoked his Indura form, his current power would be far greater than what he possessed before his transformation.


Indura Form

  • Energy Beam: Baruja can fire a powerful energy beam from his mouth strong enough to destroy a Perfect Cube spell.

Original Form

  • Darkness: Baruja can use Darkness for different purposes: attacking enemies with tentacles made of Darkness, using it for reducing the damage taken while healing himself at the same time, stealing energy from his enemies or slash them with poisonous claws.[9]
  • Demonic Cannon: Baruja can fire a powerful blast at his foes while healing himself and his allies in the process.[10]
  • Blade of Hell: Baruja can slash at many foes at once with a sword.[11]
  • Levitation: Baruja can levitate and hover in the air.[12]

Power Level

Total Magic Strength Spirit
50,000+ ? ? ?



Not much is known about their relationship, other than they are acquaintances. According to Merlin, Baruja and Galand were old war buddies during the Holy War meaning they were good friends and got along well.[13]



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