The Spirit Spear Basquias「霊槍バスキアス Reisō Basukiasu」 is a legendary spear granted to Gloxinia, the first Fairy King to be chosen by the Sacred Tree.[1]


Basquias has ten forms, but is most commonly seen in the form of green octopus-like limbs wrapping around the user's body. It currently shows signs of black coloring at its tips, symbolizing the demonic corruption of the holy weapon of the Fairy Clan.

In its authentic form, it is a spear of immense size, as much as Chastiefol in its true form. This after the blade has a half circle.


Basquias is an immensely powerful weapon, possibly even more so than its counterpart, Chastiefol. Like Chastiefol, it has the qualities of the Sacred Tree and is shown to possess a number of unique forms:

  • Form One: Basquias「第一形態: 霊槍バスキアス Dai-ichi Keitai: Basukiasu; literally meaning "Spirit Spear"」: It is the original form of Basquias, which is a great spear that can levitate to attack and also proves to be capable of firing a powerful beam.[2]
  • Form Two: Guardian「第二形態: 守護虫ガーディアン Daini Keitai: Gādian; literally meaning "Guardian Insect"」: Basquias takes the form of a gigantic hornet-like insect that possesses incredible speed.[3]
    • Necrosis壊死毒ネクロシス Nekuroshisu; literally "Necrotic Poison"」: Basquias attacks the target with its sting, resulting in the stung body part being paralyzed.[4]
  • Form Five: Yggdra Armor「第五形態: 神樹の鎧ユグドラ・アーマー Dai-go Keitai: Yugudora Āmā; literally meaning "God Tree Armor"」: Basquias wraps itself around Gloxinia and forms a suit of armor equipped with large sharp claws.[5]
  • Form Seven: Moon Rose「第七形態: 月の華ムーンローズ Dai-nana Keitai: Mūn Rōzu; literally "Moon Flower"」: The end of Basquias' tendril blooms into a giant, pale rose.[6]
    • Inochi no Shizuku生命いのちしずく Inochi no Shizuku; literally "Droplet of Life"」: A droplet from the Moon Rose is shown to heal even the most grievous of wounds.[7] Gloxinia can only use this technique a certain number of times in a row, after which it cannot be used again for a while.
  • Form Nine: Death Thorn「第九形態: 死荊デスソーン Dai-kyū Keitai: Desu Sōn」: Basquias disperses into a myriad of vines, piercing through anything Gloxinia chooses. Even the slightest cut seems to result in death. The ivy is traditionally extracted from within a sun flower that grows among the highest branches of the Sacred Tree.[8]
  • Form Ten: Emerald Octo「第十形態: 翠蛸エメラルドオクト Dai-jū Keitai: Emerarudo Okuto; literally "Green Octopus"」: The form Basquias usually found and is used by Gloxinia as a means to sustain themselves. These tentacles can be used as weapons that can cross objects or people.[9]



  • Form Five's name is a reference to Yggdrasil, the world tree from Norse mythology.


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