The Beastmen are one of the races in the world of Nanatsu no Taizai.


Beastmen are often persecuted by humans because they are seen as monsters and are blamed for unusual happenings. Most Beastmen have been chased out of their homes and lands and have resorted to stealing for food to survive. When a beastmen child was sighted in the mountains, the knights of Ravens instantly mounted an expedition to "hunt" him.


  • Werefox狐男 (ウェアフォックス)  Kitsune Otoko (Ueafokkusu); literally "Fox Man"」: A humanoid body with the head, fur, and claws of a fox. They are more intelligent but physically weaker and fewer in number than other types of Beastmen. They are able to turn themselves into humans. [1]


Werefox species
Selion Zhivago

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

They appear to be a strong race, with sharp instincts and great speed, being able to avoid most attacks. They also seem to have the ability to take human form and switch back to their original form any time they like.


  • In the past, Meliodas and Liz went on a mission with the Danafor Holy Knights to hunt down a werewolf「狼男 Ōkami Otoko; literally "Wolf Man"」. However, the creature itself doesn't appear in the manga.[2]


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