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Bellmoth are creatures part of the Demon Clan exclusive to the game Grand Cross.


Bellmoth resembles a K9 like creature on 4 legs with vines on it's body and has glowing yellow fire in it's mouth.


Bellmoth have a animalistic instincts and tensity to know when it needs to be protected.



Abilities and Powers

The creature can summon in vines to attack it's foes and to protect itself which decreases damage taken to it and send some of the damage back at it's foes. It can also fire a yellow laser at multiple foes which do a lot of damage. Bellmoth also uses it’s tail to do a tail whip it’s opponents to deal massive damage to it’s foes.

it also can’t be hit by certain range attacks and require close comfort to damage it.

It also gets stronger the more it’s damaged similar to Orginal Demon’s magical power Crisis.


  • It’s unknown if it serves the higher ranked demons such as the 10 Commandments or is a wild beast in demon realm that attacks to its own accord.