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Boar Hat (豚の帽子亭, Buta no Bōshi-tei) is a bar that is owned and founded by Meliodas.[1]


Boar hat.png
Boar Hat old design (manga)
Boar Hat 1.png
Boar Hat old design (anime)


The Boar Hat was established after the Seven Deadly Sins were branded as traitors of Liones. Meliodas founded the bar in order to collect information about the whereabouts of his fellow comrades and information about many of the Holy Knights.[2] Although Meliodas is not a good cook, he has obtained a good collection of alcohol by his traveling to many different regions.[3] Elizabeth is later hired as a waitress in Boar Hat after she finds Meliodas and decides to join him in finding the other members of the Seven Deadly Sins.[4] It was revealed that Meliodas sold his Sacred Treasure, Lostvayne, to get the money to buy the Boar Hat.[5]

After Meliodas' death, the bar is run by Elizabeth for about a month until his resurrection. However, Hawk Mama, carrying the bar, is attacked by Derieri of the Ten Commandments and the bar is destroyed by the 52nd hit of her combo.[6]

The Boar Hat was rebuilt on Hawk Mama's back and was designed that each of The Seven Deadly Sins had their own room or space. It now appears as the shape of a tankard.[7] The Seven Deadly Sins have their reunion party there and start to discuss how to finish off the Ten Commandments.

After defeating the Demon King for good and Merlin revealing her intention to resurrect Arthur as the King of Chaos, Hawk Mama reverted back to an empty moss shell due to Chaos no longer residing inside of her, deflating her and causing severe damage to the Boar Hat.

Following the defeat of Cath Palug, it is unknown what happened to the Boar Hat in the years following. It is most likely defunct due to Meliodas taking Bartra's place as king of Liones per his request.

Gourmet Menu


  • Boar Hat Meat Pie Special[8]
  • Glamorous Goat Cheese
  • Swe~et Cowberry Fairy Salad
  • Roasted Sand Crawler (Recommendation from the owner)
  • Chicken-Matango grilled with Butter
  • Danafor Style Pudding
  • Too big! Meatpie of the Giants
  • Grilled Cheese Geese[9]
  • Dusk Bison grilled with Herbs


  • Apple-ish Pie[10] (Recommendation from the waitress)
  • Mixed Wildberries
  • 'Gluttony' Warning! Raisin Serving



  • Supreme Leftovers Fallen from the Mouth of God...[13] (Recommendation from the mascot pig)


Boar Hat
Elizabeth Liones
Elizabeth Liones
(Advertising Girl/
Hawk Mama
Hawk Mama
(Stock Resupplier)
(Bar Person)[14]
(Bar Person)[15]
Arthur Pendragon
(Bar Person)[16]
Arthur Pendragon
(Bar Person)[17]



  • The exterior of the Boar Hat has the same colour scheme as Meliodas.
  • There are approximately 3 tables and 19 chairs in the Boar Hat - all of them are handcrafted.
  • Two types of cups are available at the bar: Stein and Wine Glass
  • In the one-shot, the Boar Hat was much larger and was transported by eight huge legs. It also had at least one booby trap.
  • The male bathroom on the first floor is connected to the female bathroom and the 1st floor's storage.
  • Each room has a pig-shaped lamp, and all of them closely resemble Hawk.
  • In the storage room, there are stuff stored from past adventures like the remains of Elizabeth's Rust Knight armor.


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