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Break砕貫ブレイクBureiku」 is a power possessed by the Holy Knight Dreyfus.[1]


Break is shown to be an incredibly powerful ability which is manifested from the user's will. This ability is very versatile with it being capable of emitting energy blasts, helping the user to resist magic and being used for close combat. This ability was powerful enough to defeat the Serpent's sin of Envy, Diane, without much effort. Dreyfus claims that his power makes him invulnerable to corrosive attacks; stating that "[his] body will not rust, decay, or rot".[2]


  • RakanかんRakan; literally meaning "Pierce"」: Dreyfus fires an energy beam from the tip of his sword that pierces through any opponent standing within the blade's line of fire.[3][4]
  • Hogeki崩撃ほうげきHōgeki; literally meaning "Pulverize"」: With his immense strength, Dreyfus builds up his power to unleash a great slash at the enemy.[5] A single swing of his sword was enough to send the giant Diane flying through the air.[6]
  • Kantotsu貫突かんとつKantotsu; literally meaning "Charge"」: A near instantaneous attack; Dreyfus lunges towards the enemy and drives his sword through their chest.[7] He is able to perform this technique in conjunction with Pierce.[8]
  • Tenkan HagokujinてんかんごくじんTenkan Hagokujin; literally meaning "Milky Way Breaker Blade"」: Dreyfus concentrates all of his power into a single point at the tip of his blade.[9] The amassed power is then released in the form of a large, destructive energy beam.[10]
  • Ryugeki流撃りゅうげきRyūgeki; literally meaning "Flowing Strike"」: Dreyfus lands a short-ranged, downward strike on his opponent and forces him to the ground, repelling him with great force[11]
  • ShohaしょうShōha; literally meaning "Blast"」: Dreyfus launches a powerful energy blast from his sword. [12]
  • Rakan SendanかんせんだんRakan Sendan; literally meaning "Arhat Spread Shot"」: Dreyfus fires multiple energy beams from his sword that pierce through various opponents at same time. [13]

Combined Techniques

  • Combined Technique: Holy Shock「合技 浄滅衝ホーリーショックGōgi "Hōrī Shokku"; literally meaning "Purifying Destructuve Blast"」: Dreyfus combines his Shoha with Hendrickson's Purge, creating an explosion of energy capable of eradicating multiple evil souls at once. [14]



  • Dreyfus' ability, Break, is a direct opposite of his son's ability, Wall, which is used to protect people.
  • This power reflects Dreyfus' ambition to become supreme and crush anyone who stands in his way of supremacy.
  • This power is albeit similar to Crash, Gildarts' Magic from Fairy Tail.


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