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Camila「カミラ」 is an original character made for Grand Cross mobile game. She is a member of the Seven Disasters and a goddess within the Beastmen.


Camila is the guardian deity of the Beastmen and worshiped by them on her original world, however, she slowly fell into oblivion after the continuous demise of the Beastmen race. Embittered on her followers being annihilated after failing on protecting them, she is called by a mysterious voice that promises her to fulfill Camila's wish to take revenge on humanity in return for her help to destroy their own world. The voice is latter revealed to be Lilia, aiming for the final member of the Seven Disasters. Camila is initially hostile to the Disaster, but she quickly accepts her offer after observing Lilia's power and ideology, agreeing to be summoned to Britannia. The mage, however, is unable to complete the summoning due to Camila's immense magical power and the otherworldly girl is teleported to to a unknown forest in Britannia.

Later, Camila presences some worshipers of Bellenus hunting villagers to use them as sacrifice for their God. When she prepares to intervine, Escanor appears and the fanatics run away. She later asks Escanor about Lilia, but the Lion Sin of Pride refuses to listen to her request and Camila decides to battle him in order to take the information she desires by force.

Later, Merlin, Ban and Meliodas, reunites with Escanor and Camila, however, right after the Boar Sin advise Camila to not trust on Lilia, the Disaster appears to take Camila away and after a brief battle, Valenty intervenes, allowing her friend to escape once more and, now in the Timespace Junction, Lilia and Valenty welcomes Camila as their final member.


Camila is a tall woman with dark skin, long and wavy brown hair and has a pair of horns and ears of a goat.


Normally, Camila is a very calm and serious person, but, while passing though moments of anger, she can get quite brutal. She also posses a deep hate towards humanity, due to their discrimination and persecution towards the Beastmen race, however, her hate doesn't seems to be completely extremist, as she recognizes that not every human is hostile against her followers. During these cases, she maintains her usual behavior with the fellow human.


Seven Disasters


Camila appears to be on good terms with Shin, through she seems to get annoyed with him when he refers to her as a 'goddess' due to her status in her original world.


Camila is loyal to Lilia as she believes Lilia to be her only chance at a new world after losing her own.


When noticing the rising tension between her and Eastin, Camila was adamant to help solve their conflict, showing off her more motherly side.


When noticing the rising tension between her and Roxy, Camila was adamant to help solve their conflict, showing off her more motherly side.

Seven Deadly Sins


Camila finds Escanor's arrogance amusing even if she does not understand why someone like him would be so arrogant about themselves.

Unnamed Children

Camila seems to be really attached to her lost children. Being torn and distraught after their deaths

Abilities and Equipment 

Being a goddess of the Beastmen, Camila is extremely powerful, being capable to keep fighting Escanor for an entire afternoon until sunset without breaking a sweat. Like Zhivago, she can switch between a beastial form and a human form whenever she desires. On her human form, she is able to manipulate shadows, materializing them as weapons such as blades and whips. In her beast form, her strength and speed appears to increase drastically.

Longevity: Unlike other Beastmen, whose lifespan is even shorter than a human's, Camila, like the fellow gods, appears to be immortal, as she is, in a youthful and healthy state, older than every non-divine being on the series.


  • Dark Blade暗黒の剣ダーク・ブレイズDāku Bureizu; literally meaning "Dark Sword"」: Camila materializes a blade of shadows and attacks her opponents with it and can stun them as well.
  • Dark Crescent暗黒の月ダーク・クレセントDāku Kuresento; literally meaning "Dark Moon"」: Camila materializes whips of shadows and attacks her opponents with it.
  • Shadow Trap無限打撃シャドー・トラップShadō Torappu; literally meaning "Infinite Blow"」: Camila, on her beast form, slash her target multiple times, trapping into a magic blast the moment after her final blow.


  • Camila's bestial form resembles Anubis, the Egyptian God of Death.
  • Camila is the oldest non-godly character to date in the series.
    • And consequently, the oldest member of the Disasters.
  • Originally when showcased as a silhouette with the other Disasters, Camila can be seen holding a crossbow. Something that as of now she can not use in game indicating an earlier version of her meant to have a crossbow instead
  • She is the second transforming unit in Grand Cross. Second to Green Titan Shifter Eren Jaeger from a previous collaboration.
  • It is assumed that she is based on the 5th Disaster of the "Perceiver of the World’s Sounds'' chapter of the Lotus Sultra which talks about being attacked by Yaksha and other Demons. As Yaksha are said to have been "Guardian Deities". With other definitions talking about Eclipses, explaining her shadow magic.
  • At some point earlier in her life, she lived in a cave.
  • She used to help raise other Beastmen children and would make them all hold hands if they were arguing. These tactics she uses to attempt and help Eastin and Roxy's conflict.


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