Camila「カミラ」 is an original character made for Grand Cross mobile game. She is a member of the Seven Disasters.


Camila was considered a deity on her original world before it's annihilation. Embittered for failing in protecting her world, she is called by a mysterious voice that promises her to create a brand new world where she can be happy in return for Camila's help to destroy their own world. The voice is latter revealed to be Lilia, aiming for the final member of the Seven Disasters. The mage, however, is unable to complete the summoning due to Camila's immense magical power and the otherworldy girl is teleported to to a unknown forest in Britannia.

Later, Camila presences members of some Berenus' followers hunting villagers to use them as sacrifice for their God. When she prepares to intervine, Escanor appears and the fanatics run away. She later asks Escanor about Lilia and the Lion Sin of Pride takes the woman to Merlin and the fellow Sins.

Later, Escanor and Camila reunites with Merlin, Ban and Meliodas, however, before the Boar Sin could advise Camila about Lilia's motivations, the Disaster appears to take Camila away and after a brief battle, Valenty intervines, allowing her friend to escape once more and, now in the Dimensional Junction, Lilia and Valenty welcomes Camila as their final member.

Apparence  Edit

Camila is a tall woman with dark skin, long and wavy brown hair and has a pair of horns and dog ears.

Relationships Edit

Seven DisastersEdit


Camila appears to be on good terms with Shin, through she seems to get annoyed with him when he refers to her as a 'goddess' due to her status on her original world.

Abilities and Equipment  Edit

Lilia stated that Camila posses an immense amount of magical power, however, her powers' properties are unknown besides her transformation into a bestial form.

Trivia Edit

  • Camila's bestial form resembles Anubis, the Egyptian God of Death.
  • Camila is the oldest character to date in the series.
    • And consequently, the oldest member of the Disasters.


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