Caroline Liones「キャロライン・リオネス」 is Bartra Liones's late wife, Margaret and Veronica's mother and Elizabeth's adoptive mother.


Caroline has a slender figure, with long straight light hair. She wears a royal dress and a crown on her head.


Not much is known about Caroline as she died before the series started. Although she was fond of Elizabeth and adopted her as part of the royal family.


Caroline ruled the Kingdom of Liones along with Bartra and her family.

She died unexpectedly during a formal tea party, along with Dreyfus' wife and Zaratras' wife, after being attacked by monsters.[1]


Elizabeth LionesEdit

There was little contact between Elizabeth and her mother, since she died before Elizabeth could have any memories of her. Though it has been said that when Caroline first met Elizabeth she became quite fond of her and decided to adopt her.


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