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The Celestial Clan are descendants of the Goddess Clan who lived in the Sky Temple.


The members of the Celestial Clan are the descendants of the Goddesses who avoided the war and survived. Over time, their wings got smaller and their magic greatly decayed.[1]


3000 Years Ago

The Celestial Clan were allied with the Goddess Clan during the war with the Demon Clan. During the war, they were almost overwhelmed by the Six Knights of Black, a horde of lesser demons and an Indura before they were sealed by the Great Oshiro in the Egg Rock. Oshiro also bestowed the Winged Sword on the Celestials since the seal was imperfect. Lesser demons infrequently escaped to harry them, but were put down by Celestial warriors. The Celestials feared the Time of Ruin, when the seal on the Egg Rock would fully break and all its inhabitants would be freed.

The Celestials came to be under the mistaken impression the Demons had conquered the surface and killed off the Humans, Fairies and Giants. Thus, they believed all outsiders were members of the Demon Clan.


They are identical in appearance to humans, except all members have one pair of smaller white feather wings growing from their back they can use to fly. As descendants of the Goddesses, they have a lengthy lifespan.


Celestial Clan
Ellatt Solaad Vaness Zoria

Powers and Abilities

Since all Celestials have wings, they are capable of flight and prove nimble in the air. Descendants of the Goddess Clan, they are capable of using Ark and some have the ability to heal. Zoria had the appearance of a man in his early thirties a century ago but that of a man in his sixties in present time, indicating their lifespan may be two or three centuries, much shorter than that of an actual Goddess.

Main article: Ark
  • Ark聖櫃アークĀku; literally meaning "Holy Chest"」: An archetypal magic technique of the Goddess Clan that creates light particles, often envolving the target in a dazzling sphere of light that breaks apart their body. It is mostly counteracts darkness by disintegrating, though it also can cause physical damage.
  • Healing: This is the natural ability that all Godesses have allowing them to heal any living creature, even Demons if controlled enough, healing any injuries and diseases.



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