Overwhelming Violence「圧倒的暴力 Attō-teki Bōryoku」 is the 120th chapter of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.

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Galand causes havoc in Camelot.

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Everyone is surprised by the unexpected appearance of one of the Ten Commandments. Merlin notes that his power level is very surprising but that something feels off and asks what the reading for his magic power specifically is. Hawk replies that it's "zero" and Merlin surmises that it must be a lingering effect of the Goddess Clan's seal. Diane realizes that now is there best chance to defeat him if that is the case as Galand approaches and gazes at the city. He notes that humans have changed quite a bit over the past 3,000 years but the way they swarm together has not changed at all. Feeling too confined, he destroys a large part of the city simply by lifting his spear, killing many people in the process. After he dust settles he inquires that Meliodas and he have a little match, as he is always wanted to do so.

Meliodas instantly strikes Galand in the neck with his sword, seemingly knocking him back, only to immediately be impaled by Galand who easily rights himself. At that moment two more Meliodas come in for an attack, but Galand effortlessly slices them in half and then lauches one more attack, creating a great maelstrom. Everyone else is being blown back, but Merlin protects Arthur, Elizabeth and Hawk with Perfect Cube. Galand notices the fakes disappearing but realizes that they are more than mere after-images.

Galand senses another attacking coming from behind him, but realizes this means the real Meliodas is coming from above him. He admits it is an interesting technique but that he is never been one for parlor tricks, and asks if Meliodas is the real Meliosas as he holds him by the throat.

Slader comments on the dire nature of the situation while Diane rushes in. Merlin makes Diane to grow back to her normal size and teleports her clothes and Gideon as she moves in for the attack. Galand laughs it off and easily kicks Gideon back into Diane's face, sending her flying. Merlin thinks that Galand's power far exceeds her expectations and that they need more time to prepare, attempts to teleport Galand away, but then he vanishes. Everyone else thinks that Merlin moved him, but she corrects them that he instantly moved out her rage of several miles simply by jumping. Galand then immediately returns behind Merlin.

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