The Stage Awaits Us「舞台がボクらを待っている Butai ga Bokura wo Matte Iru」 is the 151st chapter of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.

Short SummaryEdit

Diane attempts Drole's Dance. Matrona explains her survival to Diane, as well as the importance and power behind the sacred dance. Diane begins to question her missing memories, when a Blue Demon suddenly appears, informing her of the upcoming Great Fight Festival. Meliodas and the others also receive the message and decide to participate, despite its suspicious nature. At Vaizel, two of the Ten Commandments lay wait for the arrival of Meliodas.

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After failing to successfully perform Drole's Dance, Diane expresses her surprise regarding both Matrona's survival and children. Matrona explains that Zalpa, a man from the savage tribes that Diane had once spared, saved her life after being fatally poisoned, and has since lived with him and his children, treating them like her own.

Matrona questions Diane's amnesia, noting its similarities to her previous case of amnesia after disappearing for 500 years. She then questions the appearance of the Ten Commandments that attacked Diane, noting their immense strength. Noticing Diane's fear, she drops the conversation, returning to the dance.

Matrona describes Drole's Dance as majestic, beautiful and sacred. In performing it, the dancer becomes attuned to and comes together with the earth and nature itself. Diane begins to practice once more, but soon notices her lack of memory regarding her glove, clothes, tattoo, and hammer.

From the sky appears a Blue Demon, carrying a flyer regarding the Great Fight Festival being held in a few days, promising to grant any wish to the victor. Similar flyers are distributed across Britannia, including to the Boar Hat. Meliodas and the Holy Knights recognize it as a trap, but decide to go regardless.

At Vaizel, two of the Ten Commandments greet the return of the Blue Demons who distributed the flyers, noting one as missing. The two discuss the festival as their plan to lure both humans, to consume their souls, and Meliodas, who one of them has a particular history with.

Question Corner Edit

Q140: Sugata-san (Kyoto Prefecture): Why does Slader wear a mask? Why does he change his way of talking when he wears the mask?

Nakaba: The mask is like a switch for him to turn his job mode on and off.

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