Let There Be Light「光あれ Hikari are」 is the 204th chapter of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.

Short SummaryEdit

Meliodas wants to try to speak with the Ten Commandments, but King (in Gloxinia's body) seems to be suspicious of him. To soothe his suspicions, Meliodas wants him to follow, to which both King and Diane (in Drole's body) agrees.

In the meanwhile, Elizabeth has already flew to the Demon horde to stop them, agreeing to try and negotiate with Ludociel to free the captured deamons.

The Goddess however had already put his plan in motion. After releasing a giant ark and killing the demons trapped within it, he summons two of the Four Archangels and prepares to kill the Ten Commandments.

Long SummaryEdit

Seeing the horde of demons about to storm the Fairy King's Forest, Meliodas decide to go and try to talk to them. King questions him, asking why he wants to talk to them knowing that they will not listen to a traitor. Meliodas says that he wants to stop the war, fearing that it will lead to the death of all the races, and urges Gloxinia to follow to soothe his suspicion on Meliodas being still allied with the Ten Commandments. Both King and Diane decide to follow him, leaving the task of protecting the forest to Rou.

Before they leave, however, the army of demons stops his advance: Elizabeth had flew to stop them. Hearing from Monspeet of the disappearence of ten of thousands of their brethren, whose magical power is exuding from the forest, Elizabeth tries to have the demons turn back promising she will negotiate for their freedom. She wants the demon to retreat before Ludociel enacts his plan, but Derieri puts another condition to their retreat: that Stigma surrenders Meliodas to them. Elizabeth refuses, stating that she will fight them herself if that were the case. Though annoyed, Derieri agrees to a negotiation without the condition she added.

Unfortunately Ludociel took the time Elizabeth unknowingly bought him to release a giant ark, in which the captured demons - mostly civilians - are trapped. Then, after killing all of his hostages, Ludociel finally enacts his plan: two more of the Four Achangels appear, ready to exterminate the Ten Commandments.

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Q194. Hikaru Yada-san: Does Hawk has any other family than Hawk Mama?

Nakaba: He has a lot

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