That Is Our Way of Life「それが僕らの生きる道 Sore ga Bokura no Ikiru Michi」 is the 224th chapter of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.

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Meliodas explains what happened 3,000 years ago when he and Elizabeth fought against their parents. In the fight they were outmatched and eventually killed and cursed. Meliodas woke up a few days after his death completely healed, with a dead Elizabeth laying at his side. Meliodas found out that the Holy War ended and realized that he wasn't aging at all.

After wandering through Britannia, he cross paths with a girl, a member of the human Savage Tribe that looked quite similar to Elizabeth, much to his surprise. Soon after the two fell in love. One day she started to manifest some of the Goddesses powers, confirming that she was a reincarnation, prompting Meliodas to tell her about what had happened. This triggered Elizabeth's memories about everything and she revealed that they were cursed. Meliodas promised her that he would lift the curse one day. Three days after that she died. After burying her, he meets a baby that he recognized as her next reincarnation.

The other Sins are shocked about this news. Then the group set their goal on the battle ahead in Corand.

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Q230. Miffy-san (From Tottori Prefecture): What kind of work history has Meliodas had over the last 3,000 years?

Nakaba: Things like being a mercenary, a hunter, a Holy Knight, and the owner of a bar.

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