A Warped, Twisted, Broken Man「歪み捻じれ壊れる男 Yugami Nejire Kowareru Otoko」 is the 264th chapter of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.

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Two of the Four Archangels unleash their combined attack in order to stop Estarossa from getting Elizabeth Liones. During their attack, Estarossa decides to absorb Galand’s commandment to be able to escape. Estarossa counterattacks and absorbs another commandment, while getting more mentally unstable to the point of believing that he is Meliodas.

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Q284. Yageta Yuusuke (From Tochigi Prefecture): If you corrected the drawings from the magazines to the tankobons, it's because you were dissatisfied with them?

Nakaba: Yep, exactly that.

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