Rise Up Against Despair!!「絶望に立ち向かえ Zetsubō ni Tachimukae」 is the 278th chapter of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.

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Q.305 Nacchan: Why does Diane still call Harlequin “King” and not by his real name since she recovered her memory?

Nakaba: Whether it is "King" or "Harlequin", it is the same for Diane. Because Diane’s personality isn’t one to mind things like that.

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New Holy War arc
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Search-and-Destroy Force vs. DemonsMonspeet & Derieri vs. EstarossaSariel & Tarmiel vs. EstarossaMeliodas, Ban & Wild vs. Demon KingGowther, King, Sariel, Tarmiel & Derieri vs. MaelGowther, King, Diane & Elizabeth vs. MaelAssault Force vs. Zeldris, Chandler & CusackSeven Deadly Sins & Four Archangels vs. Zeldris & Original DemonSeven Deadly Sins, Four Archangels & Zeldris vs. Demon King
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