The Salvation of the Sun「太陽の救済 Taiyō no Kyūsai」 is the 297th chapter of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.

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Having been blasted away from battle by the Original Demon's Death Drive, Escanor is saved by Mael mid-air, reuniting with the Seven Deadly Sins who are approaching Camelot at full speed. Escanor realizes his body is no longer able to withstand the power of Sunshine and offers it back to Mael in order to protect the ones he cares about.

While in Camelot, Zeldris continues to struggle against King's Chastiefol while Ludociel battles with the Original Demon whose power continues to grow proportionally to the damage he takes from the Archangel. As the Original Demon prepares to deliver a final blow to Ludociel, the spell Darkness is destroyed by Mael’s borrowed grace, Sunshine.

As Mael’s presence completely clears the skies, "The Angel of Death" prepares to face-off with the "Executioner".

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Q324. Honey Magic-san (From Ooita prefecture): Is Mael's personality mixed to Day Escanor?

Nakaba: Being Day Escanor is Night Escanor's (original) wish of a sort.

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