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Chance MeetingかいこうKaikō」 is the second chapter of Mokushiroku no Yonkishi manga series.

Short Summary

Long Synopsis

Percival begins to descend from God's Finger. Even when he was descending for a whole day, Percival still could not see below the clouds. Percival decides to stop and sleep. In the cold night, Percival thinks back to his grandfather, who gave him warmth when he slept with him. The next day, Percival continues his descent, almost falling because of the strong winds. Percival finally sees the land, delighted that he has almost reached Britannia. Percival is so excited that he inadvertently jumps off the cliff. Fortunately, a flying creature passing by cushions its fall. The creature gets angry and toss him away with a tail blow. Percival falls again upside down into a tree. He then lands face to face with a fox-like creature. Percival introduces himself to the creature and tells it where he came from, but the creature does not understand what he says. Percival says that his grandpa told him that there are villages full of people. He thinks that he will encounter someone with a destiny intertwined with his destiny. He tries to pursue the creature which runs away, but it disappears into a bosk.

Then, Percival observes a group of three people. Introducing themselves as the Katz Street Troupe, these people are actually doing a rehearsal of their show. Katz, a pyromancer, starts by throwing papers in the air and setting them on fire. Then, Elva, the only woman of the troupe, make the monkey over his shoulder disappear and reapper in her hoop. Finally, the last member of the troupe, Donny, must do his show, but he refuses, and gets shouted by Katz and Elva. Percival, who in the meantime has approached, applauds them, wanting to see the show again. Donny approach him demanding a payment for the show. Elva gets angry towards Donny for threatening a boy. As Percival doesn't know what money is, Donny asks him to give his luggage instead, and he accepts. Donny decides to demonstrate his "show". He makes a move with his dagger, making Percival begin to float in the air. Then they escape, leaving Percival behind. Donny states that the floating effect will fade away soon. Katz notices Percival looked lonely and commenting that his helmet and his cloak looked worn out.

The troupe hesitates to turn around, because they have already traveled a great distance. However, Percival then rushes in at full speed yelling at them to wait, dumbfounding the whole troupe. Donny gives him back his luggage. Percival then says he is looking for someone named Ironside. Katz does not know that person is and asks if is someone Percival knows. Percival says that he is his father and that he killed his grandfather. Katz asks him if he is on a quest for revenge, to which Percival replies that he wants Ironside to give him straight answers, but that he also wants to kick his butt. Katz says that Percival could get information in the villages where lots of people are. Percival then remembers his grandfather telling him that there are a lot of houses and people in villages. The troupe agree to take Percival with them, but Donny tells Percival it will not be free and asks him to show him a trick.

Percival takes a bow and stands in front of a stick with an apple on top of it. Percival shoots an arrow that, somehow, ends up shaving part of Donny's hair, despite the fact that he was behind him. The troupe then decides to introduce themselves to Percival. They comment that their troupe stopped in many towns and villages in Britannia. Percival wonders how they did their tricks, saying it was like magic. Donny gets annoyed saying that he is a talentless hack that can not make his dreams come true. Katz then says that their dreams of joining the Holy Knights were crushed. Percival then remembers that Ironside and his grandfather were part of these knights. Katz asks which country they were from, but Percival does not know. Donny does not take Percival story seriously.

Then, two men come running and screaming that a wolf is rampaging through their village, and ask to call the Holy Knights. Percival wonders what a wolf is and Donny wonders why there would be need of Holy Knights to beat a simple wolf.

But when they arrive, they discover that it is actually a giant wolf the size of a small house. Even though people were still inside, Donny says they can not save them and they should call for the Holy Knights. Percival jumps out of the cart and recites a phrase his grandfather taught him: Unnerve the evil and help the weak. Risk your own life to become one who protects what's important. Percival shoots two arrows, but these mysteriously change direction. One hits his helmet and the other pierces part of his cloak. The wolf rushes at Percival and prepares to strike him with its claws, but Donny steps in, getting slashed in the back. The wolf attacks again, but Percival stops its paw with one hand. Angry, Percival leaps up and violently slaps the wolf, saving the village and its people. Unbeknownst to them, a mark that was on the wolf's tail dissolves away.

From the top of a cliff, the fox-like creature Percival encountered before observes the scene.

From a different location, a mysterious Holy Knight was observing Percival's actions through a crystal. The Holy Knight is surprised that Percival defeated his familiar, and say he will go himself next time.

Question Corner

Q: If you have to describe Percival in a few words, what kind of child is he?

Nakaba: A technicolor late-blooming young boy?

Q: What did you enjoy the most during the preparation of Mokushiroku no Yonkishi?

Nakaba: What I looked forward to rather than enjoyed was the signing event in France that ended up cancelled, a bummer. Once the current situation settles down, I want to go there another time.

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  • The stained glass window shown at the end of the chapter depicts Arthur, Merlin and Cath Palug from the original manga.

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