Brothers of Destiny「宿命の兄弟 Shukumei no Kyōdai」 is the 313th chapter of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.

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Escanor and Hawk warns everyone in Liones. Escanor calls for Mael and Hawk go look for Hawk Mama, who delivers some ominous words. Meliodas tells Elizabeth about his past relationship with his brother. Zeldris tries to get his father out of his body, when Gelda appears and tricks him into thinking that she was killed by the Seven Deadly Sins, enraging Zeldris. Meliodas and Elizabeth finally arrive to where the Demon King is.

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Question CornerEdit

Q339: Rimiko-san (From Mie Prefecture): Did someone destroy the Edinburgh coffins?

Nakaba: They were destroyed by grave robbers.

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