The Two Demon Kings「二人の魔神王 Futari no Majin-Ō」 is the 314th chapter of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.

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As Meliodas and Elizabeth are set, the Demon King Zeldris is waiting. Meliodas and his father say there's no need for a Demon King. The Demon King is surprised at Meliodas' words. Meliodas says how everyone he met overcame fate and kept going on. Meliodas says he is gonna give it his all, with Demon King accepting his son's challenge. With everything he got, Meliodas punches the Demon King. 

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Q340: Goupil-san (From France): What is the Goddess Elizabeth's power level?

Nakaba: Potentially, on the same level as the Four Archangels or even above them.

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  • This chapter was originally released under the title Merciless Salvation「無慈悲なる救済 Mujihi naru Kyūsai」.


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