The End of an Era「一つの時代の終わり Hitotsu no Jidai no Owari」 is the 334th chapter of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.

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Everyone in Britannia cheer as they discover that the Seven Deadly Sins succeeded in defeating the Demon King. Gilthunder, Howzer and Griamore have a toast to Escanor when Vivian reveals herself, revealing that she is now in love with Dreyfus. Gilthunder asks her about the "era of chaos" that she claims is coming and she reveals she heard it from Merlin.

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Q375. Akasaka-san (From Gifu Prefecture): What is Kongō Banchō's Power Level?

Nakaba: It's about 400,000... (lol). No, even higher?

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