An Everlasting Kingdom「永遠の王国 Eien no Ōkoku」 is the 343rd chapter of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.

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Q391. K-suke-san (From Kagoshima Prefecture): Were the Giant Clan a failed work from Chaos' point of view?

Nakaba: Yep. That's why Drole said that on page 11 of Volume 30.

Q392. Rio-san (From Niigata Prefecture): Nakaba-sensei, have you ever thought you had changed between the start of this serialization and the present?

Nakaba: ...I put on a weight. Well, I did, so what?

Q393. Fundo no Butayarō: Griamore still hasn't made his appearance in the drawing on the volume spines!

Nakaba: O... oh craaaaaap!! I'm so sorry, Griamore!!!

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