To The Future「未来へ Mirai e」 is the 344th chapter of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.

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Q394. Yeti-san (From Yamagata Prefecture): At what age do Giants start training to battle?

Nakaba: About right after they can stand up on their own.

Q395. hsu-san (From Taiwan): Would Diane be unable to shrink freely once Merlin disappeared?

Nakaba: Right. But since she's originally a huge Giant girl, she should do fine.

Q396. Nachan-san (From Ooita Prefecture): What kind of person is Merlin's mother?

Nakaba: It's a mystery.

Q397. Elena-san: Do Fairies have wedding customs?

Nakaba: They don't, that's why if they hold a wedding ceremony, it will be a discovery for King and Diane!

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