Assumed Readiness「背負う覚悟 Seou Kakugo」 is the 58th chapter of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.

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Just as the Sins are being overpowered by the Armor Giant, Elizabeth arrives with Liz's sword, which Meliodas uses to defeat the Armor Giant.

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Elizabeth is headed in the Armor Giant's direction with Liz's sword and gets sent tumbling by a deer.

Meliodas recognize the face of the demonized Holy Knight as Dale. Gowther then informs that after he found Dale in the forest, when this was turning into a demon, he gave the knight his armor to contain him and then hid him in the forest. Meliodas tries to talk sense into him as he attacks. Ban kicks Meliodas out of the way and attack Dale, but gets his torso destroyed. King uses Fight Fire with Fire but with no effect. Meliodas tries to stop King, giving the chance to Dale to spit venom at him, knocking King down. Ban, already recovered, then punches Meliodas and tells him that his naïvety will only kill him and his friends. In that moment, Elizabeth arrives with the sword and throws it to Meliodas. She tells Meliodas that Liz wanted him to live instead of fight and that she is willing to share the burden too. Meliodas uses the sword to slice Dale into bits, killing him.

The Sins wonder what could happened to Dale and deduce that someone must be trying to create artificial demons. Meanwhile, Ban finds a plant-like being attached to Dale and crushes it. Meliodas thanks Elizabeth for her help.

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Fights and Events
Dawn Roar vs. Armor GiantMeliodas, Ban, King & Gowther vs. Dale
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