The Unreadable Man「読めない男 参入 Yomenai Otoko Sannyū」 is the 59th chapter of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.

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Gowther re-introduces himself to the group and particularly to Elizabeth, when Meliodas offers Cain to have a drink with them before he departs. Rejecting the suggestion, he questions Meliodas whether he is projecting Liz onto Elizabeth, with the latter no replying. Continuing to speak motionlessly, Gowther accepts Elizabeth's request for him to join them on their journey and they begin to celebrate with a feast. Meliodas proceeds to ask Gowther about what happened during the ambush ten years ago, to which he replies saying that it was Merlin who attacked and rendered him unconscious. The Sin of Lust then begins revealing secrets of fellow Deadly Sins using the technique, Search Light. In the midst of the frenzy, Pelliot appears to find Gowther and the two bid each other farewell. Pelliot reluctantly states that he will become a Holy Knight and capture Gowther after the latter refused to stay behind. Meanwhile, Slader returns to the Kingdom, presenting Helbram the head of the Armor Giant. The heartless Holy Knight then tosses the head out of a window, telling Guila to obliterate it.

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