In Exchange For My Life「命と引きかえに Inochi To Hikikae Ni」 is the 78th chapter of the manga, Nanatsu no Taizai.

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In front of the Horn, Ban asks the Goddess Clan to ressurect Elaine in exchange for his life. He hears a voice and is shocked to see that Hawk is there as well. After Hawk explained him how he ended up there, he suggested they go and save Elizabeth. Ban tells him to go ahead without him thinking that there still must be something he can do. A voice then speaks from the Horn telling him that there is something he must do. The voice reveals itself as a Goddess and tells him that due to the Ancient War, their clan lost their power and will need time for them to regain their physical forms. Ban was skeptical that the Goddess would agree so easily to his deal, but she tells him that she wants him to complete a mission instead. Hawk tells him that this sounds shady, but both Ban and the Goddess tell him to shut up. Ban then told the Goddess he will do the mission.

Outside Meliodas is fighting with Gilthunder. Arthur is amazed by their fight, even though they aren't even fighting seriously. Meliodas is able to push him back, but then Gilthunder used an attack summoning beast shaped lightening from thunder clouds. Meliodas uses his Full Counter to reflect the attack, but found out that it was time delayed and that he had to reflect the other 2 incoming attacks as well. In that moment Gilthunder got behind him and slashed him, but Meliodas was able to block using the sheath of his sword. Gilthunder immediately went in front of him and knocked Meliodas' sword out of his hand and used a large lighting attack. After the dust cleared it was shown that using the unknown dark power, Meliodas stopped Gilthunder's sword with just his fingers.

At the same time, the Goddess told Ban that his mission would be to kill a certain man. She also told him that this will benefit the four clans, and asks him if he will accept. Ban told her that he already said that he would do anything. The Goddess then revealed that the one he must kill is currently known as Meliodas, which shocked Ban.

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