Corandコランド Korando」 is a city in Britannia abandoned after a great massacre occurred centuries ago.


In the past, Conrad was a large, thriving city. However, the city fell victim to the human massacre of Helbram, who completely destroyed the city and murdered all its inhabitants, leaving it in ruins.


Corand arc Edit

After the Demon Clan led by the Ten Commandments imposed their dominion on Britannia, the Kingdom of Camelot was protected and covered by a dimensional distortion whose source originated in Corand, which in turn was inhabited by Melascula of the Ten Commandments.

When the Seven Deadly Sins arrived in the city in order to eliminate the distortion, a battle between them and Melascula is unleashed. The latter took advantage of the souls of all citizens killed to use them against their enemies, creating skeleton soldiers and then possessing one of the Sins. After the spirits obtained their revenge against Helbram, these were purified by the princess Elizabeth Liones and Melascula was defeated and captured.