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The Holy Staff Courechouse「聖棍 クレシューズ, Seikon Kureshūzu」is a Sacred Treasure belonging to the Fox's Sin of Greed, Ban.


Courechouse appears as an ornate four section-staff with the ends being spikes.


After the Seven Deadly Sins' disbandment 10 years ago, Corechouse was stolen from Ban when he was taken into custody by the Weird Fangs.[1]


Demon King Arc

Merlin is revealed to have obtained possession of the Sacred Treasure and gives it back to Ban in middle of their battle against the Indura.


Courechouse, like the other Sacred Treasures, fully draws out Ban's powers. It has the ability to lengthen and distort its chain angle, allowing the wielder to attack from any angle at any opponent over a significant distance at an extremely high speed as shown when Ban managed to eliminate thousands of Indura babies in an instant, missing only one.[2]

By saying the command "Sacred Treasure Release"神器解放じんぎかいほうJingi Kaihō」, Ban can use Courechouse's abilities.

  • Super Concentration超集中力スーパーコンセントレーションSūpā Konsentorēshon」: This unique ability raises all of Ban's physical and mental capabilities to their maximum level.[3]



  • Courechouse is the final Sacred Treasure to appear in the series.
  • In Arthurian Mythology, Courechouse is the name of King Ban's sword.


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