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Creation創造クリエイションKurieishon」 is a magical power exclusive to the members of the Giant Clan (most notably the Serpent's Sin, Diane) as they possess a deep connection to earth.[1]


This power enables the wielder to control and shape the earth as they please, which includes raise the ground in the form of towers, to bend iron as if "it is made of toffee", and, by making certain hand symbols, to also turn minerals in the ground into sand.[2] The wielder is also able to turn their body into metal, thus increasing their mass and enabling them to use the resulting increased gravitational force in attacks. This power is heavily connected to the Giant's connection to nature, and as a result the deeper their connection to nature is and the more skill they have at using their ability, the wider and more powerful the range of their attacks become. As a result, there are some Giants whose skill and mastery of this power are comparably greater than others, as is the case with Matrona and Diane. Diane normally uses her sacred treasure, Gideon, to augment and enhance the size, range and destructive power of her attacks. While Matrona on the other hand, was capable of forming attacks of the same size and magnitude easily, all on her own and without the need of a sacred treasure or any other weapon.

It has also been shown that those who are capable of performing Drole's sacred dance can gradually deepen their power and their connection to nature, increasing their power tenfold as a result, as shown when Diane performed the dance.

While it is known that Giants can train themselves to better use this ability in combat, there are some giant's who are born with a naturally deep connection to nature, and as a result are known to be quick to learn how to use this ability in various ways. Diane has displayed the ability to create golems out of rock. As a child, she created two such golems that she named Fillet and Loin, who were able to follow basic commands.[3] Though she was disappointed that they couldn't talk, King was impressed that someone of her age could perform such a feat. Her aptitude may have manifested in response to her loneliness and desire for companionship.



  • Sand Whirl砂の渦サンドワールSando Wāru」: After performing some hand signs, Diane touches the ground with her knuckles, converting it into sand. The whirling sands then pull down her opponent, burying them.[4]
  • Heavy Metal重金属ヘビメタHebimeta」: Diane converts her entire body into metal, increasing her weight, strength, and durability.[5]
  • Mother Catastrophe大地の怒号マザー・カタストロフィMazā Katasutorofi; literally meaning "Roar of the Earth"」: The earth is torn apart with a single strike of Diane's sacred treasure, Gideon.[6] The debris, from the strike, is launched high into the air and gathered to form a massive mountain like structure that falls towards the ground and crushes anything caught in it's wake.[7] This technique was powerful enough to cause the destruction of an entire town.[8]
  • Ground Gladius大地の剛剣グラウンドグラディウスGuraundo Guradiusu; literally meaning "Earth' Strong Sword"」: Gideon is slammed into the ground, raising the earth up into a sharp, gigantic spire with the appearance of a blade.[9] The attack instantly dispelled the combined technique Dragon Castle[10], and was so large it could be seen from across the capital.[11]
  • Double Hammer双拳ダブルハンマーDaburu Hanmā; literally meaning "Double Punch"」: As she is spinning Gideon behind her back, Diane summons two stone fists from the ground on both sides of her opponent.[12] She then performs a hand sign to crush the target between them.[13]
  • Rising Meteor昇天隕石ライジング・メテオRaijingu Meteo; literally meaning "Meteor Ascending"」: Diane raises Gideon high above her head, erecting an enormous star-shaped pillar from below her opponent. The pillar hits the target at an incredible speed, the force of which traps them against the pillar as it extends toward the sky.[14]
  • Rush Rock千の礫ラッシュ・ロックRasshu Rokku; literally meaning "Thousand Throwing Stones"」: Diane uses her power to raise a number of jagged rocks from the ground. These rocks are then rapidly fired at her opponent.[15]
  • Fillet and Loin双子の巨像フィレアンドロースFire ando Rōsu; literally meaning "Twin Colossi"」: After performing multiple hand signs, Diane summons a pair of golems, Fillet and Loin, to pummel her enemy.[16]
  • Friends土人形フレンズFurenzu; literally meaning "Earth Doll"」: Diane creates golems in the likenesses of Hawk, Elizabeth Liones, Meliodas, Matrona, and King, although some details are wrong.[17] Because of her emotional connection to the originals, these golems are more complete and stronger than Fillet and Loin.[18]
  • Crazy Rush乱撃衝クレイジーラッシュKureijī Rasshu」: Diane summons an array of massive earthen fists to pummel her target.[19]
  • Queen Embrace女王の抱擁クイーン・エンブレイスKuīn Enbureisu」: Diane creates an huge earth wave to raze with the enemy. [20]
  • Diamond Shield金剛の盾ダイアモンド・シールドDaiamondo Shīrudo」: Diane makes a high and narrow earth wall with a face in the center come out of the ground. [21]
  • Diamond Tower金剛塔ダイヤモンド・タワーDaiyamondo Tawā」: Diane rises a gigantic diamond column from the ground to attack the opponent from below. [22]
  • Mother Creation大地創造マザー・クリエイションMazā Kurieishon; literally meaning "Earth Creation"」: After using Drole's Dance to increase her power, Diane destroys the surrounding terrain in a wide radius, lifting thousands of debris she throws at the opponent. [23]
  • Jet Hammer飛拳ジェットハンマーJetto Hanmā; literally meaning "Flying Fist"」: Diane launch a rock fist at high speed. [24]

Combined Techniques

  • Combined Technique: Metal Crush「合技 メタル・クラッシュ, Gōgi "Metaru Kurasshu"」: With Diane's Double Hammer immobilizing the enemy, Meliodas jumps forward and delivers a devastating blow to them with his sword. The attack shatters the rock fists into a torrent of debris that is blown away with the target.[25]
  • Combined Technique: Cross Shooting「合技 十字射撃クロスシューティングGōgi "Kurosu Shūtingu"」: While Diane throws a rock barricade the opponent, King attacks piercing his body with Chastiefol.[26]


  • Heavy Metal重金属ヘビメタHebimeta」: Matrona converts her entire body into metal.
  • Daichi no KibaだいきばDaichi no Kiba; literally meaning "Fangs of the Earth"」: Matrona points with the index and middle finger to make multiple thin needles protrude from the ground that impale multiple targets at once.[27]
  • Saiha砕破さいはSaiha; literally meaning "Crushing Wave"」: Matrona extends her arm, imploding the ground beneath her opponent into a multitude of earthen chunks, which she uses to assault her target. [28]
    • Gokuaku獄握ごくあくGokuaku; literally meaning "Prison Grip"」: Matrona clenches her fist, which causes floating chunks of earth to form a spherical prison around the target, immobilizing them.[29]
  • RyuugekishouりゅうげきしょうRyūgekishō; literally meaning "Palm Flowing Strike"」: Matrona slams her palm on the ground, causing the earth to crumble.[30]


  • Heavy Metal重金属ヘビメタHebimeta」: Dolores converts her entire body into metal.


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