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Dahlia「ダリア」 is the second king of the Fairy King's Forest.


Dahlia Full Design.png
Dahlia's full appearance

Dahlia wears a green suit that exposes his abs. His hair is copper while his eyes are pastel gray. He possesses large, lustrous, and rainbow-colored butterfly-like wings similar in style to Gloxinia's.

In the game Unjust Sin, Dahlia bears a heavy resemblance to Elaine.


During the time of the Holy War, Dahlia was implied to be rather aloof, as unlike his predecessor he refused to involve himself in the Holy War and apparently simply disappeared without notice one day.

While under the brainwashing of the Supreme Deity, he becomes fanatic in both restarting the Holy War and in punishing the Seven Deadly Sins and their allies for their role in 'ruining' it. He shows no hesitation in brainwashing a number of giants and fairies to force them into attacking them against their will. He similarly takes pleasure in tormenting demons and setting himself up as their new king.

He takes immense pride in his strength as a warrior and is shocked when Meliodas starts to overwhelm him. Conversely, he shows less pride in his magic, readily accepting Zeldris's claims that Harlequin's magic power is superior.


3,000 years ago

Dahlia acted as the Fairy King at some point after Gloxinia joined the Demon Clan, with Gerheade acting as his assistant. Meliodas was also familiar with Dahlia.

During his time, Dahlia was never interested in the Holy War and refused to get involved with Stigma. He disappeared without explanation at some point, being later replaced as the Fairy King by Harlequin.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light

At some point in time, Dahlia received the Breath of Bless from the Supreme Deity along with Dubs. They are first seen attacking the Demon Realm in the Demon Lord and his sons' absence, and massacred large numbers of Demons, while letting one escape. They then take over the Demon Realm and dispersed the dark miasma and replaced it with an ominous light.

Later, Dahlia are Dubs are confronted by Meliodas and Zeldris, with Zeldris being Dahlia's opponent. With Zeldris apparently overwhelming Dahlia in magic strength, Dahlia acknowledges his disadvantageous magic strength and counterattacked with sheer physical strength, quickly knocking out Zeldris and Gelda and sending them thrown away.

Dahlia and Dubs were lured outside by the Demons Zeldris had rallied, and soon after they are joined by Zeldris and the freed Meliodas. The demon brothers began their rematch with the Demon Real takers, but Meliodas and Zeldris quickly switched opponent and Dahlia is quickly struck by Meliodas instead. In a power fight against Meliodas, Dahlia was easily overpowered. He was then knocked out with Ominous Nebula as the effect of Breath of Bless fades away from him.

Dubs and Dahlia are present at Meliodas and Elizabeth's wedding.

Abilities and Equipment

As the former Fairy King who has fully grown his wings,[3] Dahlia can be presumed to be very powerful. After receiving the Supreme Deity's Breath of Bless, he and Dubs were able to stand up to the Demon King's sons, with Dahlia even overpowering Zeldris in brute force.

According to Zeldris, his magic power is weaker than his successor King.

Uncommon in fairies, Dahlia possesses an incredible amount of physical strength, preferring to fight with his fists rather than magic.


  • Disaster災厄ディザスターDizasutā」: The power shared by the Fairy Kings that allows Dahlia to control life and death throughout nature and drawing out the power of Darrenheart.
  • Hypnosis: Dahlia is able to take control of others' minds and turn them into his pawns, like he did with lots of giants and fairies to make them fight.
  • Poison Immunity: As a member of the Fairy Clan, Dahlia is naturally immune to most poisons and toxins, including the secretions of an Indura of Resentment.


  • Spirit Spear Darrenheart「霊槍ダレンハート, Reisō Darenhāto」: Like the other Fairy Kings, he wields a magical, shapeshifting spear presumably crafted from the Sacred Tree.[4]


  • Dahlia is a genus of bushy, tuberous, herbaceous perennial plants.
  • According to the databooks, Dahlia is the person King respects the most.
  • Dahlia appeared for the first time in one of King's missions in the 3DS Game Unjust Sin, where is seemingly depicted as a female Fairy. Dahlia tests King by sending him on a mission to an ice cave to defeat a powerful monster and then vanishes once King completes the mission.
  • Dahlia is the first fairy with a manly, adult, and athletic appearance.



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