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The Spirit Spear Darrenheart「霊槍ダレンハート, Reisō Darenhāto」 is the magical, shapeshifting spear granted to Dahlia, the second Fairy King chosen by the Sacred Tree.[1]


While having different forms, Darrenheart's first, default state is a long-shafted spear with a light-blue, drill-like spearhead.


As a Spirit Spear crafted from the Sacred Tree, Darrenheart (like its two counterparts) is a powerful weapon endued with the magic of the Sacred Tree, and has a number of unique forms.

  • Form One: Spirit Spear「第一形態: れいそうDaiichi Keitai: Reisō」: Darrenheart's basic form. Unlike the other Fairy Kings, Dahlia wields this form with his own hands, taking advantage of his great strength to make it a dangerous projectile.
  • Form Two: Guardian「第二形態: 守護獣ガーディアンDaini Keitai: Gādian; literally meaning "Guardian Beast"」: Darrenheart takes the form of a little monkey creature.[2]
  • Form Four: Sunflower「第四形態: 光華サンフラワーDaiyon Keitai: Sanfurawā; literally meaning "Light Flower"」: Darrenheart turns into a huge flower. Although not seen, it is presumed that it is capable of launching projectiles in the same way as Chastiefol.
  • Form Five: Increase「第五形態: 増殖インクリースDaigo Keitai: Inkurīsu」: Darrenheart splits into an army of small drill-spears.
  • Form Seven: Yggdra Plate「第七形態: 神樹の大鎧ユグドラ・プレートDainana Keitai: Yugudora Purēto; literally meaning "God Tree Big Armor"」: Darrenheart envelops Dahlia in form of a bulk armor, dramatically increasing his strength and durability.
    • Killer Fairy妖精の鉄槌キラー・フェアリーKirā Fearī; literally "Fairy Iron Hammer"」: Dahlia lunges at the opponent enveloped in a fiery aura.